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Two of my favorite advertisements. In light of the procession to the Senate with the Articles of Impeachment, never have so few done so little for so many, I thought I would throw a change-up. If impeachment is leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth, or if you feel the whole thing is like herding cats, enjoy. Come to think of it, as Dennis Miller said, Nancy Pelosi when asked a tough question has the same expression on her face as a raccoon peering over the edge of a garbage can in the middle of the night.


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  1. Vance Richards Member
    Vance Richards Joined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    Good stuff. I have to admit that I remember the cat herding commercial but had no idea what company (or even industry) it was for. I think some of the really fun ads you see on Super Bowl Sunday are more about the ad agencies showing off their creativity than selling product.

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    • January 15, 2020, at 4:13 PM PST
  2. Percival Thatcher
    Percival Joined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    I’d show the first Chicago Wolves commercial I ever saw, except some swine took it off of YouTube. A hockey player wearing a Wolves sweater stands in a spotlight on the ice and says “It was Emerson who once said ‘To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school, but so to love wisdom as to live according to its dictates, a life of simplicity, independence, magnanimity and trust*.'” A voice off-camera says “That was Thoreau.” 

    “It was Emerson, you blockhead.”

    The interlocutor, in a visiting Wolves sweater skates up. “No, it was Thoreau, idiot.”

    The gloves hit the ice as the two start windmilling away at each other. The camera pans slowly up to reveal the Wolves logo. The narrator intones “Chicago Wolves. These guys are animals!”

    * I don’t remember the quote. I do remember that it was in fact Thoreau. I substituted another Thoreau quote. Sue me.

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    • January 15, 2020, at 4:40 PM PST
  3. Gary Robbins Reagan

    A nice break. Got more?

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    • January 16, 2020, at 11:04 AM PST
  4. Clifford A. Brown Contributor

    I chuckle at both ads. The auto/home insurance business produces much of the best advertising today. From Geico, my mind turned to Allstate and their long running Mayham campaign. This one now puts me in mind of Mitch McConnell maintaining focus, driving the Senate through the trial process:

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    • January 16, 2020, at 2:47 PM PST
  5. EJHill Podcaster
    EJHill Joined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    Geico (or the Government Employees Insurance Company) has always broken then rules when it comes to advertising. Multiple messages, multiple themes, multiple tag lines – and yet it all seems to flow together. 

    The campaign is run by the Martin Agency – and they’re not located in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. They’re based in Richmond, VA and London. 

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    • January 16, 2020, at 6:26 PM PST
  6. DonG (skeptic) Coolidge

    Doug, please make another post after the Superbowl of your favorite ads

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    • January 16, 2020, at 6:47 PM PST
  7. She Reagan
    She Joined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    I saw that GEICO ad with the raccoons for the first time a couple of days ago, and oh, it did make me laugh. And it reminded me of one of my favorite ads ever, which also has a raccoon in it.

    Those of you who know me, especially IRL, will realize that my life in one respect is almost impossible to satirize or parody. This is that one respect. So, very possible, when I have my glasses off:

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    • January 16, 2020, at 7:27 PM PST
  8. WilliamDean Coolidge

    This is a collection of Joe Sedelmaier ads from the 80s in the form of a VCR Game (remember those?) called “Commercial Crazies.” My link skips over a game introduction bit done by John Moschitta which might interest some, he was the “fastest talking man,” who achieved minor celebrity starring in a number of Joe’s ads. There is also a 30 second break between ads.

    Unfortunately, his Magnum Opus, the “Where’s the Beef?” Ad, is not included.

    The game was dumb, but the material is great.

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    • January 16, 2020, at 9:03 PM PST
  9. Jon1979 Lincoln

    If we’re really going retro with the talking animals ads, you had the McCulloch chainsaw commercials with the beavers from the late 1970s and early 80s.

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    • January 16, 2020, at 10:55 PM PST
  10. Skyler Coolidge

    My favorite ad I saw once back in the 1970’s. It was a Triumph ad, if I recall. They were extolling the virtues of how safe their cars were, with seatbelts or whatever other features. They went over several features. It was a very serious commercial.

    Then at the end, they said, and now we will display the new Triumph’s ability to impact a wall at 5 miles per hour. And the camera panned down to view a little two seater sports car slowly moving toward a brick wall and through a trick of the camera angle, you see that the car actually misses the wall and putters right on past it. “At Triumph, we aim to miss the wall.”

    A close runner up was a recruiting ad for the coast guard at around the same time. They showed coast guard sailors doing all sorts of jobs, and then at the end, completely non sequitor, they zoomed in on a .38 revolver on a sailor’s hip and the closing line was, “The Coast Guard: One of the armed services.” I just howled with laughter. I don’t mean to disrespect the Coast Guard, but that ad was so bad in its message!

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    • January 17, 2020, at 3:51 AM PST
  11. iWe Reagan
    iWe Joined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    Here’s a great one – Coast Guard.

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    • January 17, 2020, at 6:53 AM PST
  12. iWe Reagan
    iWe Joined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    And one that is totally NSFW.

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    • January 17, 2020, at 6:55 AM PST
  13. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Also not safe for work:

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    • January 17, 2020, at 9:17 AM PST
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  14. Skyler Coolidge

    iWe (View Comment):

    Here’s a great one – Coast Guard.

    Oh, that was a good one!

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    • January 17, 2020, at 9:44 AM PST
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