The Spirit of 2020


Donald Trump tells Kevin where the lobby is.

“He does not live in men’s hearts one day of the year, but in all days of the year. You have chosen not to seek Him in your heart. Therefore, you will come with me and seek Him in the hearts of men of goodwill.” 
A Christmas Carol, 1951, with Alistair Sim.

The holiday decorations are put away, except for the greenery, the sprigs of fresh spruce, pine cones, and red berries. I have to leave a few things to overcome the shock of no more sparkling gold lights, glittery ornaments, decorated lamp post, even “a candle in the window”. My favorite holiday is tucked away for another year. So I am counting down, only 359 days til Christmas!

My husband is working on a new song and comes out of his makeshift man cave/studio, to laugh that I am in front of the TV, watching the Home Alone Marathon on AMC. I have both musical CD’s, those timeless scores produced by John Williams. I waited to see if Donald Trump was edited out of the scene in Home Alone II, where Kevin MacAllister checks into the magnificent Plaza Hotel, once again left behind by his family. Sure enough, there was The Donald, directing Kevin to the check-in counter. Maybe in Socialist Canada, but not in America.

I’ll still listen to the carols on my CD player, and I have yet to read Dickens, still on my end table, a beautiful, leather-bound edition gift from my friend Patty last year. Dickens had a message, and if you have never read “The Chimes”, you owe it to yourself to start the New Year reading this story. Why? Your spirit will tell you why.

The softness of the holiday season is still in the air. The scent of fresh pine, the glow of candlelight, the love and generosity that seems more abundant is lingering for just a moment longer. We know the challenges that are in front of each of us, some personal, political, financial, emotional, but “take heed and rise”, follow your ghosts of Christmases past, present, and future, and decide how you want to go forward.

A New year, a promising New Decade, come what may,
remember to “seek Him in the hearts of men of goodwill”.
at the start of every day.
Happy New Year Ricochet!

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  1. Hoyacon Member


    And not just because of the Alistair Sim quote.  

    But that helps.


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  2. jeannebodine Member

    What a beautiful post. It gladdened my heart! I haven’t even finished my Christmas decorations and started to feel blue today, thinking why bother putting the rest of them up. After reading your post, I’m heading to read The Chimes and plan to keep enjoying the Season. Thank you.

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  3. JoelB Member

    Ah yes. The heart. That’s the thing.

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  4. Western Chauvinist Member
    Western Chauvinist

    So glad this wasn’t an angry screed about cancel culture, as the title and photo might suggest. Thank you! And Happy New year to you too!

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