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I woke up this morning about 4 a.m. Couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t anxiety or too much coffee, or needing to pee for the third time of the night as it often is at my age. Nope. This time my restlessness was a good thing. This time it was kind of a “can’t wait for Christmas morning” sort of agita.
During the past week, we’ve witnessed the unveiling of the Horowitz FISA Report, the disintegration of the House Democrats’ impeachment hearings into more of a brawl than the somber affair of state that it should be and, as I went to bed last night, the news from the UK was looking promising as regards their General Election.
The full truth about the collusion hoax is out and, while the Dems and the MSM are mostly still in denial, I see some cracks appearing in their strategy of stonewall and lie, stonewall and lie, stonewall and lie. Their narrative is crumbling, the walls are collapsing around them, and many of them are too stupid to even notice it yet.
That explains the Democrats’ zeal to press on with impeachment on the flimsiest of grounds and in the midst of a marginal revival of the president’s poll numbers where they had predicted a cratering of same. And with Jerry Nadler at the helm no less. Jerry Nadler!! Adam Schiff may be a despicable liar, but at least he’s an effective liar. Nadler is just a putz! I’m hoping they do impeach the president. I’m a firm believer in the famous maxim often attributed to Napoleon: never interfere with your enemy while he is making a mistake.
And then there is the election in the UK. I got out of bed this morning anxious to get to my computer to learn the results of the election. Landslide win for the Tories. Biggest parliamentary majority in 40 years and a clear path to finally get Brexit done. And oh, by the way, the total annihilation of the Labour Party accompanied by the resignation of its leader. It appears that the UK is taking drastic steps to reduce its Corbyn footprint! (Kudos to whoever came up with that one. I stole it out of sheer admiration for your rhetorical skills.)
I remember quite clearly the last time I felt this level of political optimism. It was about 3 a.m. in the early morning hours of 9 November 2016 when it was confirmed that Hillary Clinton was not going to be the next president of the United States. It’s been a rough three years ever since.
But today, I am refreshed. Today my optimism is renewed. Right-thinking people have prevailed. Progressivism is on the defensive. The truth will out. The British people, among whom I lived for nine years and whom I love and admire, have, with one referendum, one election, and a few hiccups in between, thumbed their collective noses at globalism and driven a stake through the heart of socialism. God Bless Them Every One!
The road ahead may be littered with obstacles. The economy may not be as strong as reported, the world remains a dangerous place, and our president is at times … shall I be generous and describe him as “somewhat quixotic?” Life is unpredictable. Our domestic adversaries are cornered, desperate, and without principles. And they have agency of their own. There are sound reasons to be concerned. Some day we may be less fortunate. Some day our luck may change. Some day we may suffer defeats.
But it is not this day.
This day we celebrate.

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  1. Juliana Member

    My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!

    • #1
    • December 13, 2019, at 7:22 AM PST
  2. PHenry Member

    I love the optimism, you brightened my morning. It is such a constant barrage of nonsensical attacks and accusations lately that it is easy to miss when things go well. Thanks for pointing out that while the battle rages on, we are seeing success.

    • #2
    • December 13, 2019, at 7:35 AM PST
  3. Jerry Giordano (Arizona Patrio… Member

    Great Aragorn reference there at the end, Jesse. I’ll add: “Forth! And fear no darkness!”

    • #3
    • December 13, 2019, at 7:49 AM PST
  4. Arahant Member

    JesseMcVay: It appears that the UK is taking drastic steps to reduce their Corbyn footprint! (Kudos to whoever came up with that one. I stole it out of sheer admiration for your rhetorical skills.)

    That is quite good, isn’t it?

    • #4
    • December 13, 2019, at 8:10 AM PST
  5. Bob Thompson Member

    I think it is amazing when following the committee vote to impeach the POTUS whom I support I know I am winning.

    • #5
    • December 13, 2019, at 8:26 AM PST
  6. JamesSalerno Coolidge

    Amen to that!

    • #6
    • December 13, 2019, at 9:57 AM PST

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