Quote of the Day: Motive Mystery


“We may never know his motive.” “Authorities remain uncertain as to the killer’s motive.” Et cetera.

How many times do we read this, and see a very clear, very obvious motive? Seriously, if someone kills a person (particularly soldier or religious leader) while screaming Allah Akbar, you can safely say the scumbag is an Islamic Supremacist getting his jihad on. If someone is a member of an antisemitic group and kills a bunch of Jews after going to a place known to have Jews, they probably are a member of the Hitler fan club.

Now, if a white supremacist kills black people, that is a national conversation. If it is some person from a designated victim group killing people, then we get the line above, or no coverage at all. Why?

I think there are two reasons. For the Left, there is no benefit to the Narrative if victim groups are exposed as dangerous. That’s why they target guns. You can’t blame minority gangsters for Chicago crime. Supposedly, Chicago’s gun crime problem would be solved if only Indiana had strict gun laws. However, strictly enforcing gun laws is attacked as racist. This whole argument is actually more racist than Jim Crow, as even under Jim Crow blacks were viewed as having agency and responsibility. The modern Left takes the victim groups and designates them as animals that kill whenever a gun is present.

There is another reason, though: fear.

Lefties and the more elite Republicans fear that normal people in flyover country will hear the news, and immediately try to slaughter Muslims wholesale.  While I know there are people who support Muslim elimination, they have not assailed Muslims as of yet, and another attack is not going to make them start. More to the point, most people in flyover country are smart enough to be able to tell the difference between Islamic Supremacist killers and their cardiologist or the proprietor of the local 7-11. There will be some nutballs, but the myth of a horde of bigots out for blood is just a sign of people living in an elite bubble. It’s the fans of identity politics who see Muslims as a homogeneous block.

I’d also imagine some of theses elites are even more afraid of being attacked themselves.  Either they could be smeared as racist, or targeted by terrorists.  This is a form of preemptive surrender, and it shows who elites actually fear.  South Park makes fun of everyone – except Muslims.  You don’t see attempts to get a cake for a gay wedding from a Muslim owned bakery.  If the MAGA hat brigades were as bad as people say, then the media and elites would be cowering under their desks, talking about how wonderful the Donald is and ohgodpleasedon’tkillme!

Enough. It’s time to grow up and deal with the threat of Islamic Supremacism honestly. At least 10% of Muslims worldwide think the only thing wrong with the Pensacola shooter is that he did not kill enough of us. If you can’t handle telling the truth about the fact that Islamic terrorists are Islamic, find a new job and let us respond rationally. Hiding the truth just makes the problem worse.

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  1. Arahant Member

    A study is about to begin.

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  2. Vectorman Inactive

    OmegaPaladin: Supposedly, Chicago’s gun crime problem would be solved if only Indiana had strict gun laws.

    Why pick on Indiana? It’s only a few more miles to the border of Michigan and Wisconsin. Since Illinois is guaranteed to vote blue, they bus Chicago people to vote there too.

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  3. Franco Member

    The FBI finds no religious bias in the attacks. Case closed…

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  4. Barfly Member

    It’s fear, but not that normal Americans will assault Muslims. True, the front row kids do know that they would assault their political foes if given cover, but they also know that the rest of us would not. Don’t buy into that lie.

    Our “elites” fear only the loss of their unearned wealth and prestige. When they project their own ugliness onto us, they do it both to attack us directly and to ensure the continued freedom of their clients to do so on their behalf.

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  5. Susan Quinn Contributor
    Susan Quinn

    The reports of attacks against Muslims after 9/11 were greatly exaggerated. And the possibility of attacks is even lower now, since people know a little bit more about extremists and moderate Muslims. And in all these years, I have never heard of a person being killed for speaking against terrorists–elites of other Muslims. It’s a lie that they are vulnerable. Nobody cares what they say.

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  6. Arahant Member

    Franco (View Comment):

    The FBI finds no religious bias in the attacks. Case closed…

    The IG found no political bias in the investigation of the Trump Campaign.

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  7. Misthiocracy grudgingly Member
    Misthiocracy grudgingly

    A third reason is that minority groups tend to be better organized.   Most members of the majority see themselves as individuals rather than as members of a single ethnic group, therefore they’re unlikely to organize as a single ethnic group, therefore any organized subset of the majority that does complain will rightfully (in a strictly numerical sense) be written off as a fringe.

    In addition to “the medium is the message”, Marshall McLuhen had another lesser-known aphorism: “the content is the audience”.  The news media reports what the audience is willing to hear.  If the audience doesn’t demand that criminal activity be reported in a colorblind way, then it won’t be reported that way.  Q.E.D.

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