Meet and Greet with a Hopeful Congressman


Thursday evening, Papa Toad and I went to an event with Tony German, a retired two-star general (when he retired, Tony was Adjutant General of the New York National Guard, leading 20,000 airmen, sailors, soldiers, and civilian staff) who is seeking to unseat our one-term useless congressman, Antonio Delgado.

I first heard of Tony about a month ago when, out of the blue, I found a message from him on my home phone, telling me he was running for the nomination and hoped to speak to me to find out what issues were important to me. I was quite impressed, and, I admit, flattered. I called him back and left a message for Tony to the effect that I was heartened to hear his message, and that I hoped he would kick some [redacted] and that we would be praying for him. Tony called me back and we had a good long chat about the state of the state, and what could be done at the federal level to improve things.

When we heard Tony was having a fundraiser nearby, we made sure to get to it. It was a lovely event with an open bar, fantastic hors d’oeuvres, but not many people. His wife Diana was very pleasant and, as homeschooling moms (hers all graduated, me with three still at home), we found much to talk about. I offered to host some kind of event for Tony at my home, and was in touch with his staff this morning to make that happen in the near future.

It was so heartening to meet someone with leadership experience and a strong desire to serve his country with integrity. The election in 2018 had lots of mudslinging and negative mailings, so I hope that Tony can fight and, more importantly, fight dirty fighters. There are a couple of other declared candidates, but I’ve never heard their names. We’ll see what happens.

What is the landscape like in your district? Is your seat Republican? Democrat? I want us to flip the House in 2020, so I’m curious.

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  1. Stad Coolidge

    CB Toder aka Mama Toad: What is the landscape like in your district?

    We’re solid Republican.  The Dems were only able to flip one Congressional district in 2018, and we’re hoping to flip it back in 2020.

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  2. Mark Camp Member
    Mark Camp

    Brava!  And bravo to Tony and his staff for having the smarts to call you.

    Hope a pol of that character calls the Brown-Eyed Beauty (who manages my calendar and checkbook) and gets us as involved as you are.

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  3. RightAngles Member

    What is the landscape like in your district? Is your seat Republican? Democrat?

    My Congressman is Roger Williams, Republican. I think he used to be a baseball player. When he moved here, my sister the realtor got him his apartment. He’s been so responsive. When I called his office after the 2o12 elections because I didn’t believe Obama really won, an aide called me back and we had a long talk about it. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks that, in case a moderator is about to redact me for “conspiracy theory.”

    There’s a concerted effort to turn Texas blue. Good luck ya little Birkenstock-wearin’, gun-grabbin’ pencil-necked vegans

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  4. Randy Weivoda Moderator
    Randy Weivoda

    CB Toder aka Mama Toad: What is the landscape like in your district? Is your seat Republican? Democrat?

    Our district has been represented by the same Democrat (Collin Peterson) since 1991.  Minnesota’s 7th District is not left-leaning, and Collin Peterson campaigns as if he’s right down the middle.  If a more progressive Democrat were the nominee here, they would lose. 

    The Republican candidate in the last two elections was Dave Hughes, who I think very highly of.  I even drove the Mustang with his signs in a parade in 2018.  Hughes has come closer to beating Peterson than anyone has in a long time, so I’m hoping he gets the nomination one more time and finally wins in the general.  There are a handful of other Republicans vying for the nomination, but Hughes is easily my favorite.  @katiekoppelman has met him, as well.

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