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My dear Ricochetti, I’ve been away for a few months trying to finish a house (and if any of you have built a house, you’ll understand how all-encompassing a task it becomes in the final stages). It’s not quite done yet, but we’re in.

For those of you more recent Ricochet readers who don’t yet know me, I’m Ricochet’s Israel correspondent. Just a few moments ago, I finished recording the first episode of The Levy & Counsell Show (and yes, we’ll be glad of any suggestions for a zippier title). I and the estimable Damian Counsell, a British Web consultant, scientist, number-cruncher, and all-around clever person, talk about what we can learn from Nate Silver’s vindication, what Obama’s reelection means for the US-Israeli relationship, and what Hamas has been throwing at us over the past few weeks. Please give us a listen.

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  1. Profile Photo Coolidge

    And the coolest thing was you recorded it with the Ricochet chatroom live, so we could listen and comment.  Damian sounds like a terrific addition to our merry band.

    PS – Getting an error message when trying to download it.  “Authorization is needed to access….”

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  2. Profile Photo Member

    Should be working now. 

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  3. Profile Photo Coolidge

    Thanks Yeti, sorry to whine on a Sunday morning.

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  4. Profile Photo Member

    Judith, I’m afraid your hopes about Obama standing up for Israel in a crunch are just that, wishful thinking–understandable for someone trying to make a life in Israel.

    Notwithstanding his “practical” concern about the Iranian threat, there are many things Obama wouldn’t mind watching burn, if and when he no longer needs them. Israel is one of those things.

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  5. Profile Photo Member

    I find it interesting that the Syrian troubles might make Iran want to wait and see, but wouldn’t a more aggressive Egyptian Foreign policy under the Muslim Brotherhood complete with Nuclear would make them actually accelerate the Iranian problem.

    Also Obama deep relunctance to do something about Iran is not a good sign, I don’t think Morsi will fear any strong US response in case He himself start dreaming about nuclear weapons.

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  6. Profile Photo Member

    Welcome back, Ms. Levy! I hope you’re back to posting, not only podcasting.

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  7. Profile Photo Member

    Just as a point of interest Judith and others, Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada,  so he can’t run for president with the natural born citizen thing.

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  8. Profile Photo Contributor

    Thank you, Horace, for the welcome and Erik for the clarification. 

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  9. Profile Photo Thatcher

    It is lovely to hear your voice again, Judith.  I have been anxiously wondering how you and your house were faring (I remember you mentioning that you had to go look at some stone several weeks ago).  Congratulations on getting “in”–I hope you are enjoying stage 2–making it a real home.

    Welcome to Ricochet, Damian!

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  10. Profile Photo Member

    Looking forward to this. It’s on my listening list for the coming week.

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  11. Profile Photo Member
    Erik Larsen: Just as a point of interest Judith and others, Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada,  so he can’t run for president with the natural born citizen thing. ·

    I believe that if his parents were both citizens at the time of his birth than he is also a natural born citizen, regardless of the location of birth.  (John McCain fits that description.)

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  12. Profile Photo Member

    Judith, so glad you are back.  I  missed you, along with a few of the other early Ricochet regulars.

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  13. Profile Photo Member

    There seems to be a fairly broad spectrum of views on how Obama will behave towards Israel.   On the side of the optimists, Alan Dershowitz and Ed Koch both praised Obama’s friendship of Israel in recent articles in the Jerusalem Post (although Dershowitz’s article met with some  strong criticism).  On the side of the pessimists there’s the suggestion that he’ll throw Israel under a bus.  If Obama’s past performance is any guide to the future I’d have to say that the pessimists are more likely to be right.  On the other hand, if he’s looking to make his mark in the Middle East and achieve something notable in his second term, he may be a bit more reasonable in his approach to both sides. 

    As for a zippier title, how about “kal vachomer” (“light and heavy” with a Talmudic connotation) which would perhaps suggest that your podcast will have a variety of future items, both serious and less-serious?

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  14. Profile Photo Member

    You’ve been missed Judith. Glad to have you back.

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  15. Profile Photo Member

    I enjoyed the podcast a lot.  It is very informative, especially the ending minute or two update on the number of rockets launched into Israel during the month of October.  It is true that this information doesn’t get the coverage it should.

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  16. Profile Photo Member

    Damian Counsell calls himself a leftist neo-con or something like that.

    However I just had a look at his website and I didn’t see anything on it of a leftist tilt.  Much the opposite.

    I’d like to know in what way he considers himself a leftist.

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  17. Profile Photo Member

    I have to say that I’m a bit surprised, and more than a bit confused. Not being any kind of expert on Israel, I’ve taken the Republican message on Israel at face value: the Republicans are friends and defenders of Israel, the Democrats are not. We certainly don’t boo God at our convention. The message I take from this podcast is: nothing to worry about, Obama will do the right thing when the time comes. I sensed no concern whatsoever. Do the Republicans oversell on this point? If so, it would at least help explain why the Democrats garner so much of the Jewish vote.

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  18. Profile Photo Coolidge

    A new podcast is always welcome, but to debut with such struggling audio quality is neither understandable nor necessary.  I kept having to reconstruct garbled sentences in my head, gave up a little over halfway through.

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  19. Profile Photo Member

    Glad to see you back ’round these parts, Judith.

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  20. Profile Photo Contributor

    Thanks, it’s good to be back.

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  21. Profile Photo Member

    Hello Allan. There are plenty of reasons why I think of myself as a Leftie, but the two main ones are as follows. I am not going to get into an argument about why I believe these things—maybe some other time—I’ll just outline the main points:

    1. I am in favour of aggressive redistribution of wealth from richer individuals to poorer ones by direct taxation of income and assets. (Although, unlike many other Lefties today, I think corporation taxes and transaction taxes are regressive, not progressive—and they don’t work anyway.)
    2. I believe that the most efficient way to provide health care is through a national health service and/or some kind of compulsory, state-backed insurance. Aside from the overwhelming empirical evidence for this now, there are good technological reasons why it will be impossible to sustain any kind of private market in health insurance in the future (because, amongst other reasons, those seeking insurance will have better information about their future risks than insurers).
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  22. Profile Photo Member

    Hello Speed. I am hugely sorry about the sound problems. It’s ironic that I bought a new computer headset specifically for this, what I thought would be a test podcast, but its microphone didn’t work with the PC’s soundcard. The problems were entirely down to the hardware I was using.

    My apologies again. I understand entirely how you feel about this. Even listening back myself, I found the glitches infuriating.

    Today (13Nov12), however, I have received both a new Microsoft USB headset that seems to work better with this machine, and a renewal of my old Ricochet contributor’s membership—thank you, Abraham Fowler!—so I can properly participate, for example by replying to your comment.

    Do please stick with us. The technical aspects of my contributions to Ricochet at least will, I promise, improve from our next podcast—in two weeks time—onwards.

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  23. Profile Photo Member

    Welcome Damian & Welcome back, Judith!  Looking forward to more…

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