Who’s the Joker Now?


For many, the attacks on the Joker movie coming from media outlets like CNN and the New York Times are mystifying. But it is actually easy to understand once you see the movie and sleep on it.

Joker – a horrible yet great movie – is premised on an underlying tale of disregard for a humane interpretation of the values of empathy and social justice.

But the SJW Left can’t handle it because the vehicle for the morality play is a hated “other” — an isolated white male who cracks violently — and also a hated reality check that there is no redemption or return from certain forms of mental illness once a point of no return is passed.

It makes no sense unless hatred for the other and denial of reality are the SJW Left’s highest values, not their professed value system of empathy and social justice.

This is why its director and Joaquin Phoenix have been befuddled and shocked by attacks on the movie by their erstwhile allies on the Left. They are normal, empathetic liberals who don’t premise their value system on race hatred and reality denial. Perhaps they thought it would be well received by their tribe. But they are not SJW leftists. And now they know it.

But why is the Right responding with understanding and concern to a movie that elevates social justice and empathy over their value system of rugged individualism? Because they know that there is a time and place for empathy and social justice in a humane sense. Hence religion. Hence charity. The Right’s value system does not exclude such values; it generally subordinates them. But it can go too far and they know it. They know that they need the perspective of the liberal Left to pull their values into alignment from time to time. The movie does that.

Of course, the SJW Left claims the Right just secretly wants white people to engage in mass shootings. The last thing they want is the sane Left and the sane Right finding common ground.

Their Hate won’t stand for it.

Who’s the Joker now?

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  1. Arahant Member

    Interesting analysis. It’s not my kind of movie, and it’s doubtful I shall ever see it, but you made me interested enough to go watch a trailer.

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