Autumn’s True Colors


In mid-September, when it rains at my house it snows on the mountains. It’s a sight that sends people’s thumbs into a flutter, and soon my Facebook feed is filled with image posts labeled TERMINATION DUST, a harbinger of the dreaded first snow.

The white we see up there will soon be down here, and it sets in motion a few other things, like tires. Autumn means it’s time to dig the winter tires out of the shed and get ready to spend an afternoon with the impact wrench.

But the black of tires are only one of the true colors of autumn, and they can probably wait for a few more weeks behind the more immediate need for other colors.


Photo Credit: @alaskaonthefly



And as those layers of white on the mountaintops inch their way down to the surface where the people live, we’ll have to put away the guns and focus more on the tires. Or, more specifically, the studs sticking out of them.


Because Autumn means that very soon we will have this:


So it’s time to dig out these and get to work on those tires.

What are the true colors of Autumn in your neck of the woods?

P.S. The lead photo and the camo shot are by my friend Orlando Gonzales @alaskaonthefly. If you’re looking for an Alaska fishing guide next spring check him out:

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  1. Arahant Member

    The autumn colors where I am tend to be the colors of changing leaves. Blue skies, often, gray skies some. Eventually, the snow might blow on a gray day.

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  2. Samuel Block Support
    Samuel Block

    Great pictures! I’d love to get to your state one of these days. 

    I’m on the exact opposite corner of the country, where autumn colors are pretty much the same ones that we get during every other season. (Whomp-whomp.)

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  3. Pony Convertible Inactive
    Pony Convertible

    Instead of changing tires, I have to winterize my boat, and pull my dock from the lake.  My daily sunrise water ski runs will end in a few weeks.  This makes me feel blue.  So, my autumn color is blue.  

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  4. Barfly Member

    Thanks Vince. I’ve settled in Woodland Park for the winter, just over the Rampart Range from Colorado Springs. I rode a twenty this morning and the aspens are just beginning to hint at turning. Pictures to follow; I need a better camera than this ancient phone of mine.

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  5. Vince Guerra Member
    Vince Guerra

    Barfly (View Comment):
    I need a better camera than this ancient phone of mine.

    I get it. I have to borrow my wife’s iPhone if I want a good image. I have no love for iPhones for several reasons, but their cameras are far superior to any other phone.

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  6. Douglas Pratt Coolidge
    Douglas Pratt

    I live in Western New York, where we have three seasons: Winter, July and August. Your brass picture rang my bell, since I spend many happy hours in my shop reloading for my hunting friends.

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  7. Eeyore Member

    When I lived in Tucson, there was a 4-panel cartoon labeled “The 4 seasons of Tucson.” All 4 panels were identical, except in one panel, a formation of birds was flying in one direction; in another, a formation of birds flying in the opposite direction.

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  8. Clifford A. Brown Contributor
    Clifford A. Brown

    Great autumn colors! I really like the photos. This post is part of our Group Writing Series under the September 2019 Group Writing Theme: “Autumn Colors.” October’s theme is “Trick or Treat!” Our schedule and sign-up sheet awaits.

    Interested in Group Writing topics that came before? See the handy compendium of monthly themes. Check out links in the Group Writing Group. You can also join the group to get a notification when a new monthly theme is posted.

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