Mother’s Day Shooting


Early on Mother’s Day afternoon, a woman walked to her vehicle with her two sons. The elder son was in his mid-teens, but not yet licensed to drive. The younger, was a bit shorter and early teen by appearance. The mother and her sons were all carrying bags or containers, heading somewhere for the day.

The mother carried a cooler, of the right size for iced-down drinks and snacks on a pleasant Arizona spring day. The younger son had a school-size backpack and another small bag. The elder son had a small gym bag and a long fabric soft-side case.

That long case was an obvious signal. It is used for only one thing: a long gun, a rifle. Yes, gentle reader, Mom was going shooting for the afternoon with her two sons!

As they loaded up in her SUV, I could not help noticing the large window decal displayed on the left rear side window. It proclaimed proud membership in one of the skilled trades unions. So, either there is a man of the family, off working on Mothers’ Day, or, more likely, this is a woman following in the proud tradition of Rosie the Riveter, making a living with her hands in a valued construction trade.

Now tell me that she is likely to vote for the nonsense her union shop foreman passes along from the leftist suits posing as union men. Do you think that “Red for Ed” cuts any ice with her? Is she happy with the propaganda being shoveled into her sons’ brains, and the leftist assault on their hearts, while she labors to pay for both her sons and the leftist shills posing as “educators,” or, when challenged, hiding behind the mask of “teacher?”

And what matters more to her sons? Do the many hours of indoctrination, robbing them of real education in reading, writing, math, and other skills needed for independence and citizenship in a republic, win their hearts and minds? Or do the far fewer hours with the woman who puts food on their table and takes them shooting win in the competition for their spirits?

I’m betting on the boys’ love for their mom. I pray I am right, for the left is now open in its assault. I pray the left has completely miscalculated or panicked, whichever way you wish to interpret the red faction’s hijacking of the Colorado school shooting memorial assembly.

The left feels comfortable openly measuring and reporting in scholarly forums on their expressly political manipulation of school children to propagandize their parents. Yet, now we have their open admission, which cannot be successfully denied, no matter how much their media and public employee allies seek to gaslight us. Read John Hinderacker’s summary, “Brainwashing Children Works?” Contemplate the women captured by photographer Lindsay McCrum in Chicks with Guns. Go back to Salena Zito‘s careful reporting on the unexpected demographics of groups of voters who made the critical difference in 2016. Which of these groups do you think are being drawn to the Democrats or pulled away from crawling over broken glass to vote for President Trump again?

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  1. OkieSailor Member

    You are so right about this one family, I only hope and pray there are enough of them to counter the many who pay little to no attention to anything resembling real news before deciding how to vote.

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  2. Western Chauvinist Member
    Western Chauvinist

    This is non-fiction, right? Please God, many more like this.

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  3. TBA Coolidge

    AZ conservatism seems to be its own breed. 

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  4. Clifford A. Brown Contributor
    Clifford A. Brown

    Western Chauvinist (View Comment):

    This is non-fiction, right? Please God, many more like this.

    Your intrepid reporter was there.

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  5. Clifford A. Brown Contributor
    Clifford A. Brown

    TBA (View Comment):

    AZ conservatism seems to be its own breed.

    Yes, and…

    Consider the photo essay book from 2011. Consider Salena Zito’s research showing women who are gun owners rejected Hillary, voted for Trump in 2016.

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