El Web Sito Obamacare Es Written en Spanglish


Presidente Obama y su personnel de la White House have launchar un websito del Obamacare en español. “¿Viva Obama?” Not so fasto.

El sito releasando muchos días late y it is un Disastero Grande, just like el sito Inglés. El Associado Press accusa la Administracción del Obama of using “Spanglish, not Spanish.” ¡Que lastima!

Translacións en la health mercado estan muy crapo y tenga glitchos multiplos. Uno latino navigator en Miami habla that CuidadoDeSalud.gov sounde like caca totalismo. He loada el sito por his amigos y was superembarassada.

Los state exchangos also tengan muchas problemas. Immigrantes en California hablan chistes about la language estupido. “El Presidente has huevos rancheros on el face” said leaders Latinos. “At least Presidente Bush habla español. Barack Obama not even habla ig-pay atin-lay.”

El White House promisa that el sito’s translados es muy accurato. Estan loco. Yo hope Obama’s español es muy better than mi español. ¡Sí se puede!

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  1. Profile Photo Member

    What, no ebonics?

    Discrimination, indeed.

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  2. Profile Photo Inactive

    This makes my day. Nicely done, Jon.

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  3. Profile Photo Member

    Remind me again, how do you say “Cinco de Quattro” in Austrian?

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  4. Profile Photo Contributor

    That took commitment Jon.  Well done.

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  5. Profile Photo Thatcher


    Happy you didn’t accidentally use “embarazada”. Although ObamaCare’s women’s health requirements strive to reduce that condition.

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  6. Profile Photo Member

    Muy funny [editaran por contento].

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  7. Profile Photo Member
    Pero, por supuesto. Si como su plan, usted puede mantener su plan de.Muy loco.
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  8. Profile Photo Member
    Colin B Lane: Muy funny mierda.

    El código de conducto! Ay caramba.

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  9. Profile Photo Member

    Jon Gabriel, su parody es muy bueno.

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  10. Profile Photo Inactive



    Colin B Lane: Muy funny mierda.

    El código de conducto! Ay caramba. · 0 minutes ago

    Donde esta el outrageo?

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  11. Profile Photo Member

    Gracias, los Ricocheros. Yo soy contento that ustedes appreciando mi reportage seriouso.

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  12. Profile Photo Inactive


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  13. Profile Photo Member

    Might be my new posto favorito on Ricochet, ever.

    “Translacións en la health mercado estan muy crapo y tenga glitchos multiplos.”


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  14. Profile Photo Inactive
    By the time I got here “El Presidente has huevos rancheros on el face”,mi pantalones estan almoste agua de la pi-pi.

    Muchas, muchas gracias!

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  15. Profile Photo Inactive

    This parody account on Twitter makes light of Mayor Bloomberg’s Spanish skills. https://twitter.com/ElBloombito

    A tweet from earlier today: Yo soy honoredo that Presidente Obamba que appointedo mi as el officialo translator de Españish para el Obambacare websitero. Si can puede!

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  16. Profile Photo Contributor

    Everyone stop.  I can’t even get the jokes.

    I failed Spanish in high school twice.   Like a good future lawyer, I talked them into giving me an extra science to make up for it.

    They bought it.

    I’ve alwasys felt good about that.

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  17. Profile Photo Contributor

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one:

    A poll was taken in Arizona, asking if the people thought illegal immigration was a problem.

    30% said yes.

    70% said, “No es un problema.”

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  18. Profile Photo Member
    Tommy De Seno: Everyone stop.  I can’t even get the jokes.

    Los gringos pueden utilisar el Google Translate si quieren. Es un pequeño milagro.

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  19. Profile Photo Inactive

    Reminds me of my days selling computers and car stereos at Sears in Tuscon Az to Mexican nationals up from Nogales back in college. I mean, they must have been Mexican nationals…because they spoke such good Spanish, and my Spanish was level 102 at the time. Nice to see the writers of the site are able to accomplish as much as I did as well as I with second semester college Spanish. I was muy bueno at selling Packard Bell 486 DX’s. The 250 MB hard drives sold themselves in any language.

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  20. Profile Photo Member

    Ese momento cuando montas un sitio de red y te das cuenta que está mal escroto.


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    HA! Muy bien!

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  22. Profile Photo Inactive

    How did ex-mayor Bloomberg hack into Jon’s Ricochet account?

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  23. Profile Photo Inactive

    I should be embarazada que yo comprendo Spanglish muy bien or not.

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  24. Profile Photo Contributor

    HAHAHAHAHAHA (breath) HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! *sniff* 

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  25. Profile Photo Inactive

    ¿Porque esta un Obamacare sito en una lengua que no es ingles?  Si yo immigrado, legalmente o illegalmente, a–por ejemplo–Austria, yo no expecto que el “Austriacare” sito usa el ingles.  Yo aprendo Austriano.

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  26. Profile Photo Member

    Este un hoot.

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  27. Profile Photo Reagan

    Had to close the office door for this one.  Got to use the “Disastero Grande” reference in a status meeting.

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  28. Profile Photo Inactive

    ¡So entonces creo que usted es un perfecto loco del coco!  Mi esposa just asked me what I was laughing about (she heard me from downstairs) and I tried to read this to her, but was laughing before I finished the title and completely unintelligible by the time I got to not so fasto.  Laughed ’till I cried – muchas thank yous.

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  29. Profile Photo Member
    Jon Gabriel, Ed.

     He loada el sito por his amigos y was superembarassada.

    How did he get pregnant? Didn’t he make it to the local convent in time for the free birth control distribution event?

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