Reid on Obamacare Horror Stories: “All of Them Are Untrue”


Harry Reid had a simple message for American citizens with cancer and others who have lost their health insurance due to Obamacare: “YOU LIE.”

“Despite all that good news, there’s plenty of horror stories being told,” Reid said. “All of them are untrue.”

My family lost our health insurance plan — the one Obama and Reid repeatedly promised we could keep. Instead, we’re paying significantly more for health care than we ever have. Most of our friends and family are in the same boat. 

Am I a liar, Sen. Reid? Are all of us?

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    This needs to be an campaign ad featuring a whole lot of people holding up their “coverage cancelled” letters and saying, “No , Harry, I’m not a liar.” Or perhaps something more colorful. And a lot of these ads need to feature Nevada residents. 

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    The GOP has a tendency to ignore opportunities or squander them. They talk a good game but it comes down to it, members often prefer to grab some pork for their district instead of working on issues that affect us all. We also have leadership who actively works against many voices within our party who work for change. Putting the same type of people in office over and over again gains us nothing.

    Sorry, but you still didn’t identify any options the GOP hasright nowthat could undo the damage that Obamacare is doing to our country. You have instead voiced the generalized Tea Party line of argument that seems, to me at least, to fail to take into account political realities. Being upset and eager to do something is fine. But it’s important to remember who the enemy is.

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