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  1. Jimmy Carter Member
    Jimmy Carter

    Blessed be the LORD, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting!” Then all the people said, “Amen!” and praised the LORD.

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  2. Percival Thatcher

    Merry Christmas, ‘hant, from the auld sod.

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  3. Vectorman Inactive

    Angelus Silesius, born as Johann Scheffler, was baptized on Christmas Day 1634. He was a mystic and religious poet.

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  4. Mim526 Inactive

    Thank you, @arahant.  Merry Christmas to you! 

    I’ve been blessed by the thought the past couple of days that Christ is the best Gift I’ve ever received.


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  5. Gary McVey Contributor
    Gary McVey

    Merry Christmas, Arahant, and thanks for all you do all year to make this site thoughtful, enjoyable and friendly.  

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  6. Henry Castaigne Member
    Henry Castaigne

    Reminds me of the Lion King.

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  7. E. Kent Golding Moderator
    E. Kent Golding

    May you be reborn in Christ each and every day!

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