The Women’s March Story They Don’t Want You to See


This afternoon a number of journalists received a strange e-mail from a public relations firm about a story they tweeted about the anti-Semitic infestation of the Women’s March that Tablet Magazine published the day prior:

The firm is called Megaphone Strategies, the same firm employed by CAIR, Black Lives Matter, People for the American way, and many other progressive organizations. And judging by the desperation in their email, something about the Tablet Magazine piece has them panicked. Perhaps it was something like this:

For anyone familiar with how these progressive organizations function, none of Tablet’s exposé is exactly surprising. In New York City these movements crop up every few years, and always find funding and despite claiming they are fighting against a war, income inequality, or police brutality; it’s all the same players and the same gripes. They have a hard time staying on message, but that doesn’t seem to affect their popularity or bottom line.

In 2003-2004 I was involved in the protests organized against the Iraq War by If Not Now. I was a senior in high school and living on the Lower East Side in New York City, attending one of the most progressive and politically active schools in the City. At every single meeting and march, there was more and more conversation and concern about “the Zionists.” No matter the subject of the protest, the blame always seemed to fall on those Zionists. And soon, when the Jewish star around my neck became noticed, I felt iced out of the group, before I ever really became part of it. In not an unsubtle way, it was made clear I wasn’t welcome to be part of the conversations or plans.

When Occupy Wall Street popped up several years later, I took a walk around the encampment. It was all the same kinds of folks, all the same kinds of signs. All the same garbage. Because of the prominence of the Women’s March, because of the money plunged into it, journalists have taken an interest in exposing the anti-Semitic elements at play. And when you kick a can on a subway track, you can’t help but be surprised when a bunch of rats start scampering. You knew you were there before the can was ever kicked.

And that PR company’s email about corrections to the Tablet piece? It was smoke and mirrors, of course.

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  1. ParisParamus Member

    Thanks for (further) publicizing this. I’m still not sure what this supposed “movement” is about.

    By the way, speaking of NYC, does anyone recall the phrase “it’s sick out there and getting sicker?”


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  2. Danny Alexander Member
    Danny Alexander

    Fully in agreement with the OP, but…

    Maybe change the OP headline slightly?  It reads like a Kevin Trudeau infomercial lead-in or tie-in.

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  3. DrewInWisconsin Coolidge

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  4. DrewInWisconsin Coolidge

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  5. Ontheleftcoast Member

    That financial and donor structure that Tablet reports sounds like it might work well for money laundering.

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  6. Yehoshua Ben-Eliyahu Member
    Yehoshua Ben-Eliyahu

    Linda Sarsour is in the right place at the right time.  She is a bridge between radical Islam and the Left.  In Hebrew, “sarsour” means pimp, and she fills that role perfectly, rewarding gullible and prostrate leftist supporters, some of them Jews unfortunately, with being noticed by hard core Farrakhan inspired anti-Semites (disguised as aggrieved black women), who take great pleasure in having social justice whores grovel at their feet.

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  7. TBA Coolidge

    Danny Alexander (View Comment):

    Fully in agreement with the OP, but…

    Maybe change the OP headline slightly? It reads like a Kevin Trudeau infomercial lead-in or tie-in.

    “Anti-Semites hate her!” 

    “Comment #6 will surprise you!” 

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  8. 9thDistrictNeighbor Member

    ParisParamus (View Comment):
    By the way, speaking of NYC, does anyone recall the phrase “it’s sick out there and getting sicker?”

    That line was from the late Bob Grant, radio host on WABC.  It was true then and it’s true now.

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  9. Front Seat Cat Member
    Front Seat Cat

    This is confusing and so appalling – I’ll tell you, I don’t think the average person realizes what is going on in the manipulation of young minds by very evil people today.  A simple protest by something like the Iraq war, or even the treatment of women gets turned upside down into pure ugliness and promotes hate.  I will have to re-read because its like an onion – the layers run deep.  I can’t fathom the anti-antisemitism going on in a country that champions freedom – Thank you for bringing attention to this Bethany.  

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