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I recently had an article accepted for publication at the scholarly journal Science and Christian Belief. The article “Can Faith Be Empirical?” began its life as a number of Ricochet posts. Portions of my article bearing the serviceable (but totally uncreative) title “Augustine and William James on the Rationality of Faith,” recently accepted for publication at The Heythrop Journal, also had an early life as a Ricochet Group Writing Post.

As I said the last time this happened, I don’t think the title of this post is quite accurate: When a bit of academic writing makes it to Ricochet’s Main Feed or Most Popular box, then we can say that that bit of writing has made it big. Still, it’s always nice to be published. The Ricochet posts in question are:

Best philosopher mustache (Iqbal)

Best philosopher beard (James)

Like the earlier Ricochet posts, the academic articles cover a good bit of Augustine, William James, C.S. Lewis, Allama Iqbal, and the Dalai Lama. Note that that’s William James, Augustine, and . . .

  • a 1900s philosopher representing Christianity in its interaction with modern empiricism,
  • a 1900s philosopher representing Islam in its interaction with modern empiricism,
  • and a 1900s philosopher representing Buddhism in its interaction with modern empiricism.

Clean-shaven?!?!!? (Lewis)

Obviously, one or two things are missing between Islam and Buddhism. After writing the Ricochet posts I found the sources I needed for the bigger picture now covered in “Can Faith Be Empirical?”:

  • Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a 1900s philosopher representing Hinduism in its interaction with modern empiricism;
  • and Eliezer Berkovits, a 1900s philosopher representing Judaism in its interaction with modern empiricism.

In closing, I like to think this is evidence that Ricochet is awesome.

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  1. Hartmann von Aue Member
    Hartmann von Aue

    Many congratulations, Saint! 

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  2. Kevin Schulte Member
    Kevin Schulte

    Good on you SA.

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  3. Arahant Member


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  4. Phil Turmel Coolidge
    Phil Turmel

    Yes, Ricochet is awesome.  Due to awesome people spending time and energy on it.  (Yeah, that means you.)

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  5. Susan Quinn Contributor
    Susan Quinn

    Well done, St. A!!!

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  6. Spin Member


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  7. Dr. Bastiat Member
    Dr. Bastiat


    I guess I’ll stick to writing about 70’s folk music.  Geez…

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  8. James Gawron Thatcher
    James Gawron


    C’mon Aug, knock the cover off the ball!!!



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  9. A.C. Gleason Coolidge
    A.C. Gleason

    awesome! lets get you on my podcast to discuss it ASAP! email me and kyle at

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  10. Saint Augustine Member
    Saint Augustine

    One article available online at

    (You might not be able to access it without a university library connection.)

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