More Lemons, Please


We live in chaotic times when the political world is falling apart. People are angry, discouraged, and outraged; many are throwing up their hands and are depressed that we have reached this state of disharmony and vitriol.

Several weeks ago I wrote about my own despondency in being surrounded by evil acts and evil people. I had people concerned about my mental wellbeing, which deeply moved me. I felt I had an obligation to find a way to experience my life as I wished to know it, in spite of giving in to the ugliness around me. I thought you might find my discoveries helpful:

  • I will not let others manipulate my value system or pressure me to change my beliefs.
  • I will live with the paradox that I am surrounded by viciousness and it will not destroy my resilience and generally positive attitude.
  • I will not hide from or avoid the decline of civil behavior but will condemn those who insist on indulging in it and spreading it.
  • I will remind myself every day that the war is not over, and I will fight, but I will retain my honor and dignity while speaking out against the despicable behavior of others.
  • I will wake up every day and recognize how blessed I am to live in a free country protected by men and women of honor, and established with the wisdom of our Founders who knew that we would all be challenged with adversity.
  • I will celebrate that I live in more affluence and with more opportunity than I could ever have imagined.
  • I will appreciate the dear family, friends, and colleagues who are willing to fight these battles with me and encourage me to stand tall.

I will work to influence my own little universe by speaking truth to power, encouraging others to hold on to hope, and set the best example that I will never give up, no matter how dark the future looks. I will use these times to strengthen my resilience, to challenge our adversaries and to cheer on others who are disheartened and flagging in strength. I am choosing to see the upcoming days, months and years as a chance to grow. I’m prepared to meet the enemy head-on.

More lemons, please.

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  1. Kay of MT Member
    Kay of MT

    Absolutely agree with you, and will honor yours and now mine, commitments.

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  2. E. Kent Golding Member
    E. Kent Golding

    Be careful not to pray for patience.  The Lord will train you in patience,  and the training isn’t easy.


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  3. Justin Hertog Inactive
    Justin Hertog

    It does seem pretty bad out there. But I keep reminding myself that when your political preferences are prevailing, the opposition will try anything to turn the tide in its favor, including dirty tricks. So, this is what winning looks like. Nobody ever tries to destroy the defeated. What would anyone waste his time? The fact is that this country is a damn sight better off than the one we lived in from noon on January 20th, 2009  to 11:59 a.m. on January 20th, 2017.

    The fact of the matter is that right now, the Democrats are in charge of nothing. Nada. They don’t have the votes to stop anything that Congress and the President want to do. How much must that hurt? So, have a good laugh at the powerless Democrats, flailing around and throwing ridiculous accusations like mud.

    Don’t get me wrong–the accusations are disgusting and unfounded and shameless. But it’s their utter powerlessness that amuses me; how far they have fallen. And how entitled to power they act. My goodness do they act entitled. All the Republicans have to do is stick together. Let’s hope they do.

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  4. Susan Quinn Contributor
    Susan Quinn

    Justin Hertog (View Comment):
    All very good points, @justinhertog. Unfortunately,  they are still doing a great deal of damage. Let’s hope they don’t acquire more power! 


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  5. Susan Quinn Contributor
    Susan Quinn

    E. Kent Golding (View Comment):

    Be careful not to pray for patience. The Lord will train you in patience, and the training isn’t easy.


    No worries on that account, @ekentgolding–except toward myself. I can be unforgiving when I don’t fulfill my own aspirations. And I will have no patience for people on either side who make excuses for being deceptive, manipulative or weak.

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