Still the Party of Lynching


It does not take an extensive amount of honest historical investigation to know that the racial lynching within roughly the last 150 years of American history was mostly, if not exclusively, done of members of only one political party. These were acts of fevered motion, detached from reason and justified by a self-delusional (but desperate) and false claim to some moral and intellectual superiority and insight. The term lynching has been allowed to become a racial term. But it is hardly so. It is a term for those who would desperately impose power, or retain it.

The disgraceful battle to kill the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court is only the latest cruel, vile public lynching of a good, decent and qualified person by our political left. The practice has been open for all to see in regard to judicial appointments since Ted Kennedy led with his hateful characterization of Judge Robert Bork. And we have seen it time and time again, each almost more deceitful and vicious than the one before. In the early 1990s, Clarence Thomas looked weasels like Joe Biden in the face while sitting before the same Senate committee that now is holding hearings on Kavanaugh and called the low process what it was (and is): a high tech lynching.

Thomas thankfully survived to become Justice Thomas. But the left also learned a lesson from the Thomas hearing. They sprung the Anita Hill ambush too quickly. There was time for real facts to come to light and she had no impact. There was actually time for that much-discussed FBI investigation, which certainly did not help the accuser. Even the fellow employees that Hill tried to drag into it to save face discounted her claims and some even testified on Thomas’ behalf. Most of this is forgotten in the heat of media hype and their fever to lead in the attack against Kavanaugh.

The battle for the courts has a certain desperation for the left. It is one of two deliberate weapons they have against a free and ordered society. Woodrow Wilson certainly realized this and wrote about it before the turn of the 20th century. He was no fan of limited government and saw the Constitution as a barrier to his “progressive” view of knowledgeable “experts” being able to order things for the “good of everyone”. He saw the courts as the one sure way to chip away, or completely reverse, the vision of the Founders/Framers and the constitutional government they left us. Control of the courts was, is, vital to imposing a progressive agenda on a public who leans more toward individual liberty.

So we are stuck with the surreal picture of a man who before was known for an almost spotless character being characterized every minute of the day as a sexual abuser of woman by people who (I am sure) voted twice for Bill Clinton and would have voted for Ted Kennedy at the drop of a hat. Sitting on the very committee grilling the judge is Old Spartacus himself who has been forced to admit to groping. So, no, the dignity of women is not the issue here. If the man before the committee was Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd, Cory Booker, Keith Ellison, etc. — the very same people would be rushing to their defense. The issue is about control. The issue is about the form of government we will have.

The racial lynching mentioned earlier was not really about the color of skin. It was about control. It was about power. It was about political terror.

The courts are hardly the only the arena for political lynching. Michael Flynn served this country with honor, tireless strength and focused honesty for decades. As a three-star general, he was one of the military voices which were thorns in the side of the Obama administration. He was one of the first victims of the latest leftist mob known by some as the Mueller investigation. Drained of his personal funds and having lost his home paying legal fees, he finally pleaded to void having his son put through the same thing. It was pointless, hateful and intended to “put in their place” those who would upset the power structure – the basis for lynching.

The lives, careers, and families of good people are of no concern to those who would lynch, either for racial or political purposes. And, yes, there are purposes to this. But truth, justice, or even the dignity of women are not among them.

I certainly believe Brett Kavanaugh to be qualified for a seat on the Supreme Court although I do have some questions that will never be answered because of the circus that has taken the place of a true and real discussion of his positions. I would like more clarity on some of his opinions and I have a natural concern that he has spent too much of his career in and around Washington DC, a distorting influence regardless of your mental metal. But those concerns will have to wait for when he actually votes on cases, if the soft spine of some Republican senators will allow him.

I can only hope that among the things which shine through the mist of this systemic character assassination is the real delight that the far left “social warriors” take in ruining the lives of good people. And the total disregard they really have for those “victims” and “survivors” they pretend to champion. The women they have dug up and conned into embarrassing themselves will be tossed aside and forgotten as soon as this is over, much like those whom they doom to welfare status and government dependency. No, they care little for people and their real lives. They care about issues … and the power behind them, the power over those real lives.

This lynching is too public, too coarse and too easily seen through. If it is allowed to be completed, it will mark a dark day for our republic because it will be so open.

As soon as it became apparent that Kavanaugh had done well in the meetings, which were bad enough on their own, and the normal soft votes on the GOP side would probably vote for him; Dr. Ford was sprung on the public. She had been held “in the hole” for two weeks, two weeks in which the charges she has made could be handled in secret and investigated completely.

But today we were treated as stupid foils as Dr. Ford was finally paraded out. There is little point to going through the whole sorry staged show but the even, measured questioning by the lady chosen by the GOP clearly showed not just that Dr. Ford brought no evidence of any type to the committee. Even in as simple a matter as her claim to fear flying it was clearly shown that she flies often, proving the delay of almost a week to allow for her travel was a straight lie; a simple game of delay and delay without any real attempt to establish truth.

To make a real and sincere attempt to establish the truth in the matter of Dr. Ford’s allegations, there was no need for any of the last-minute, oh-so-public drama and outright slander toward either party. But this was not about truth. Once again, it was about power and the reputations and life’s work and so many people were just fodder.

I will take a moment to speak to all my “never Trump” friends (and not-so friends) who have retained the strains of their conservative principles. Do you believe that anyone on the left would have problems with Donald Trump’s demeanor and style if he was fully supportive of abortion on demand, open borders, distribution of wealth, and the welfare state? In that case, he would just be another loveable but slightly different character like good old “Lunch Bucket” Joe Biden. His excessive personality traits would be no more of a problem than the sexual predator status of anyone named Clinton or Kennedy.

He is targeted for impeachment because he actually threatens to deconstruct their power base. Now, he is doing it more from a practical standpoint than a philosophical one. But he is still doing it. If this presidency is derailed by an entrenched left, the circus of today’s judiciary committee will become a successful standard.

Flynn and Kavanaugh are just two example of human collateral damage the left wants the principled part of the world to see. They are among the warnings to leave the leftist nest alone or you too will see your life’s work, your family, and your reputation damaged if not destroyed. They want good people to decide it is not worth the cost.

It is the intimidation of mob pressure which is the other desperate weapon that the left uses to tear down free and ordered societies. Courage in action always has a cost factor. Brett Kavanaugh may or may not become an outstanding Justice on the Supreme Court. That will be determined by his decisions. But he has already proven to have courage. And so has his good wife. And those strong daughters. They all pay a price, first for their principles and then for the courage to keep standing behind them.

If the Democratic Party were to win either (or both) of the congressional houses in just a few weeks, the brutal farce of today will become commonplace in the next two years. Regardless of our tastes, we had better hope that this presidency continues. The openness of what occurred today is proof of how close we are to losing the rule of law, our constitutional principles and our republic. And the intimidation will only have just begun.

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  1. JosePluma Coolidge

    You had me at the title.

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  2. Western Chauvinist Member
    Western Chauvinist

    JosePluma (View Comment):

    You had me at the title.

    Yes, and this is quite an appropriate use of terms, too:

    Ole Summers:

    The racial lynching mentioned earlier were not really about the color of skin. It was about control. It was about power. It was about political terror.

    If seeking to destroy the lives of innocents for your cause is terrorism, Democrats are terrorists. Straight up.


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  3. Jon1979 Inactive

    The amazing thing over the past week was the complete lack of introspection, self-awareness and basic decency the Democrats showed towards the entire process, as the charges ramped up to what under normal circumstances would be cartoonish levels of accusation. Is an accuser who can’t put time, date or place to her charge and can’t even get her friends to vouch for her not enough to sink Brett Kavanaugh? OK, how about an accuser who has a specific place and time, but doesn’t know if Kavanaugh was there and also can’t get any corroboration? How about a 20-year-old college woman going to rape party after rape party with high school students? How about an accuser on a boat?

    The Democrats were so hell-bent on their goal, that if anyone had any qualms about the levels of absurdity the accusations were reaching, they kept it to themselves, even as some of their normal media allies were balking at going to the mat for them on the last few charges (they key here being some — if another woman and her lawyer had come forward claiming Kavanaugh had a “Silence of the Lambs“-like torture chamber in his basement she barely escaped from with her life 35 years ago, Jeffrey Toobin would have found it totally believable).

    Winning and power became so important here that the fanaticism caused them to completely strip Brett Kavanaugh of his humanity, not care how it affected his wife and children, and going by the information pointed out by Lindsey Graham at the hearing, not even care about Christine Ford in the end, as they leaked her letter and then failed to tell her about Grassley’s offer to take her testimony in California. It was a true glimpse into the zealotry you see in totalitarian regimes, where you label your enemies as completely evil and therefore unworthy of being treated humanely, so that any means necessary is OK to win and any punishment meted out is justified.

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  4. Ontheleftcoast Inactive

    The party of lynching, and the party of reducing the impact of every vote cast by a citizen.

    The three fifths compromise was a substantial capitulation to the slaveholder interests who wanted slaves (who due to their status couldn’t vote) counted towards the apportionment of members of the House of Representatives; this would have increased the weight of slaveholders’ votes. Today, the Democrats want to count illegal immigrants towards apportionment, and favor policies which promote voting by non-citizens.

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  5. Western Chauvinist Member
    Western Chauvinist

    That photo reveals the menace. Harris is gesturing as if holding a gun and Booker is cracking his knuckles. Kavanaugh is their hapless target. Says it all.

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  6. Unsk Member

    Here Here! Words do not and cannot describe the total disrespect for the rule of law the Democrats now favor. Their unyielding deceit and over the top grasping for unlimited power know no bounds. It has become very obvious they are hell bent on taking away every right me and you have and imprisoning all of us  into a hellish dictatorship if you give them the chance.  How anyone in their right mind can now vote for a Democrat – any Democrat – after this thoroughly disgusting  media lynching is beyond me. 

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