Dennis Prager on the Self-Righteously Suicidal West and False Morality


For this week’s Big Ideas with Ben Weingarten podcast, I had nationally syndicated radio host, columnist, author of numerous books, teacher, film producer and co-founder of PragerU, Dennis Prager, on the podcast to discuss among other things:

  • How Dennis Prager ended up a conservative as an Ivy League-educated Jewish intellectual from Brooklyn, New York — contrary to so many of his peers
  • How perceptions of human nature divide Left and Right
  • Whether government has filled the void of religion for the increasingly secular and progressive American coasts
  • How the good intentions that underlie Leftist policy prescriptions lead to horrendous outcomes — and emotion versus reason on the Left and Right
  • The false morality underlying European immigration policy with respect to the Muslim world, and Prager’s criticism of Jewish support of mass immigration consisting disproportionately of Jew-haters
  • The self-righteous suicidalism of the West
  • The Leftist bias of social media platforms and PragerU’s legal battle with YouTube/Google

You can find the episode on iTunes, everywhere else podcasts are found, download the episode directly here or read the transcript here.

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  1. Curt North Inactive
    Curt North

    Always a pleasure to listen to the wisdom of Dennis Prager, thanks for the interview.

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  2. I Walton Member
    I Walton

    He doesn’t hold his punches.  Of course they won’t argue with him, they wouldn’t have a chance, so they just hate him and try to shut him down instead, confirming everything he says.

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  3. Henry Castaigne Member
    Henry Castaigne

    That stuff about the minimum wage was great. I used to have a hard time understanding why people like the minimum when it so obviously hurts poor people and minorities in particular. But he’s right, ideas matter more than people.

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