Catherine Englebrecht: IRS’ Apologies, Trump’s DOJ, Voter Fraud, and Will Elijah Cummings Serve Time?


Catherine Englebrecht

Catherine Engelbrecht is the founder and President of True the Vote, a conservative non-profit that monitors voter fraud. Catherine has shined a light on the IRS’s abuse of conservative organizations. Catherine can be found at and on Twitter at @TrueTheVote.

Catherine’s group experienced IRS inquiries, audits, FBI visits, visits from OSHA, ATF, and the State of Texas Environmental Agency when she submitted for tax-exempt status. Since, they have been a leading advocate against government discrimination against conservative groups. Catherine has appeared before Congress and the Senate Judiciary Committee, and has been seen on many media outlets, including countless appearances on Fox News.

On this episode of Whiskey Politics, we discuss IRS abuses, their settlements, and their admission of their discrimination against conservatives. We also cover how President Trump’s commission studying voter fraud has stalled due to numerous lawsuits by liberal groups; why Rep. Elijah Cummings actively communicated with the IRS about True The Vote and may now be facing up to five years in prison; and whether the Trump Administration’s Justice Department will investigate bad players.

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  1. RightAngles Member

    I’ve always been so impressed with her. Great interview.

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  2. Goldwaterwoman Thatcher

    I agree with @rightangles.  This woman was fascinating. Thanks Dave for bringing her work to our attention.

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  3. DocJay Inactive

    Is there a Trump administration’s justice dept.?

    Nice job sir.

    • #3
  4. Dave Sussman Contributor
    Dave Sussman

    DocJay (View Comment):
    Is there a Trump administration’s justice dept.?

    Nice job sir.

    Well, he lamented he can’t control it, but doesn’t a President have the ability to seed the bench?

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  5. Eugene Kriegsmann Member
    Eugene Kriegsmann

    Great interview, as usual. The scope of the problems as described seem insurmountable. I have freely stated that I am no fan of Trump, but I have ot give him a pass on this one. It seems that the forces aligned against him and his administration are legion. Anything he attempts to do is blocked by a lawsuit. Simultaneously, attacks are made on his flanks and in his front from so many. Part of the problem as described is the responsibility of both parties. Both have profited by the corruption at one time or another. The career bureaucrats happen to be largely Democrat in leaning, but many could have been purged by Republican administrations in the past had the motivation been there. I suspect that the career politicians who have had their seats for more than one term are as willing to tolerate the deep state as the bureaucrats themselves. They, of course can make their statements publicly about needed to clean out the bureaucracies, but when real actions are called for they are AWOL. Other than a complete and total housecleaning, I see no solution to the problem. Certainly, Trump hasn’t even completed the staffing of his own administration. Expecting him to do the cleaning of departments he hasn’t yet appointed his own people to lead is a bit of a daydream.

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  6. GLDIII Reagan

    This is the one area I am truly disappointed with Pres. Trump. I can rationalize that he alone cannot get Congress to do it’s job on healthcare and budgets, but the IRS is a executive agency and under his authority.  I cannot foresee a civilization with out the tax collecting feature, it has been around and reviled since the dawn of recorded history (see Bible) so we are going to have one. However if we have ever given too much power to such an anonymous entity it is the IRS.

    Judge, jury, and executioner rolled into one agency which can swoop into your finances and scoop it all out, then make you prove they were really a bunch of second rate GS 11’s clerks.  Why on earth he has not frog-marched that smug faced, fatherless son a weasel Koskinen after his bold face dissembling to Congress, whom all seem to stand in fear of the agency they collectively created is just beyond my comprehension. This could be clearly a “winning” move by White House, do they all quake in fear as well?

    I would really like to know what axe the IRS has over them. By definition it needs to be shattered, other wise we really are not a free society.

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