John Hinderaker: Vegas Politicized, NRA, and Anti-Trust for Google?


On this episode of Whiskey Politics, John Hinderaker joins us to discuss the horrific massacre in Las Vegas, the instant politicization by the Left, the NRA, and assault weapons, and we also tackle how Google, Facebook, and other large internet companies may fall under the anti-trust legislation as they appear to limit free speech.

John Hinderaker, President of Center of the American Experiment can be found at John writes daily at the site he co-founded, Powerline, and is a commentator on NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN, and CNBC and is a frequent guest and guest host on national radio programs. You can find John at and his Twitter feed @jhinderaker.

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Out: Gary Jules, Mad World.

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  1. ctlaw Coolidge

    Why hasn’t the ACLU sued somebody about those crosses?

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  2. LisaKoers Inactive

    Fantastic monologue regarding the tragedy in Vegas. Thank you for vocalizing so many of my same thoughts.

    Hope to hear more monologues like this in the future. Great work & thank you for having the heart to share these thoughts.

    Prayers to all effected by this…

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