ACF#15 Twin Peaks


The New American Cinema Foundation movie podcast brings you an old Ricochet man, my friend James Poulos. We’re talking about Twin Peaks, once America’s favorite mystery with a hard moralistic core, now the most powerful statement on our popular culture, but also the most obviously esoteric.

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  1. CitizenOfTheRepublic Inactive

    That TV series causes a lot of trouble…mostly disappointment when the subject isn’t actually the expected, Texas-founded (b?)restaurant with Eats. Drinks. Scenic Views.

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  2. Percival Thatcher


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  3. James Lileks Contributor
    James Lileks

    Interesting, smart podcast. Liked the discussion of the “happy ending” we all want, and how TP:TR would have been easily forgotten if it had handed us what we wanted. As Paulos said, the happy endings were handed out to people in the margins (Dougie’s last word was unexpectedly moving, and provided an emotional punch to something that had been played mostly for comic effect.) It would have been satisfying to those who waited a quarter century for a big fight and a big happy resolution, but you’re right: we would have forgotten about it right away, instead of talking about that last 90 minutes endlessly for the next however many years.

    I’ve never seen anything else like it, and will be thing about it for a long time. There’s just so much there.

    Still wish we’d got more Coop. Damn.

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  4. Titus Techera Contributor
    Titus Techera

    Thanks for the kind words II also think about everything going on in the show. I was briefly tempted to attempt a marathon podcast until all mysteries are at least compassed, if not explained.

    My particular inclination is to map the locations of the stories, more or less their duration & sequence, & then try to figure out the series is lessons.

    Iwish I could make much of the central episode, not strictly by numbers. The one where atomic weaponry brings evil into the world that is America.

    I also worry that leading a good life didn’t teach Cooper the right lessons. He’s pulling Laura Palmer where she doesn’t want to go.

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