New Hampshire Congressional Candidates Andy Sanborn and Eddie Edwards


Andy Sanborn and Eddie Edwards are declared candidates running for the Republican nomination (to be held in September 2018) to run against (presumably) Carol Shea-Porter for the United States House of Representatives. They both spoke to Republicans onboard the Winni Belle on Lake Winnipesaukee recently. Here are excerpts from their speeches.

Sanborn, a New Hampshire native, is a member of the state senate and, along with his wife (Laurie Sanborn, a member of the house of representatives), owns several businesses including a restaurant in Concord. He was a state co-chair for both Ron Paul’s 2012 and Rand Paul’s 2016 presidential campaigns.

Edwards came to New Hampshire 30 years ago when he was stationed in Portsmouth with the Navy. He went on to have two-decade career in law enforcement as the chief of police in South Hampton and the director of enforcement and licensing for the New Hampshire State Liquor Commission. Edwards was a state co-chair of Ben Carson’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Both Edwards and Sanborn spoke about the need for integrity in elected offices, to hold elected officials to the same standards as everyone else, and also both pledged to adhere to term limits if elected to Congress. Sanborn said he had signed a pledge to introduce term limit legislation if elected, and Edwards said if elected he would seek no more than three terms (six years).

Carol Shea-Porter is liberal — her first campaign for congress was based on her opposition to the Iraq war, raising the minimum wage, and universal healthcare — who is serving her fourth non-consecutive term in congress. She was first elected in 2006, re-elected in 2008, lost narrowly in 2010 to Republican Frank Guinta, re-gained the seat in 2012, then lost to Guinta once again in 2014, but was re-elected once more in 2016, defeating, yes, Guinta by fewer than 5,000 votes (the race also included two independent candidates and a libertarian received a combined 46,000 votes).

As the Winni Belle sailed (steamed? boated?) out of Wolfeboro Bay, a pontoon boat approached and began circling the larger vessel. Someone at the front of the pontoon boat began firing off a flare gun as other people unfurled a banner that read “DUMP CAROL.” Back on the Winni Belle, passengers on both the upper and lower decks cheered, but one gentleman grumbled, “Can’t they leave us alone? Those jerks!”

Another passenger responded, “It says ‘Dump Carol.’ “

“I know! Jerks!”

“No, ‘Carol.’ ” The passenger emphasized, realizing the first gentleman was wearing hearing aides.

“What? Oh! I thought it was Dump Trump! That’s great. Haha,” said the gentleman, taking out his camera to get a picture.

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  1. Eustace C. Scrubb Member
    Eustace C. Scrubb

    If Sanborn wins, I hope he doesn’t stop making Brooklyn Nine Nine. Great show.

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  2. JcTPatriot Inactive

    Ron Paul? Really? Vote Edwards!

    Thanks for a great post, Max!

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  3. WI Con Member
    WI Con

    What a great venue for an event. Looked beautiful.

    Kind of difficult to choose between them.

    I agree with much of what the Pauls represent but the dogma can be exhausting at times, seems that they really haven’t ‘moved the agenda’ as much as stood for one.

    Ben Carson seems to be a really fine man, wish he would have run for a Senate seat – think he would have been most useful there. Hope tat HUD is not the last we see from him.

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  4. Dali Lama Inactive
    Dali Lama

    Thanks for posting. I had not had a chance to hear either candidate speak yet.

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  5. Max Ledoux Admin
    Max Ledoux

    Dali Lama (View Comment):
    Thanks for posting. I had not had a chance to hear either candidate speak yet.

    Where you at, neighbor?

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