John Stossel: Kids Aren’t Learning, So I’ll Teach Them


John StosselJohn Stossel joins the Whiskey Politics Podcast just as we were setting up at Freedom Fest (apologies for the few audio glitches). John spoke on regulations, entitlements, the ongoing drug war, the impact of legalization, why he despises Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and how to ensure future generations will be taught about the benefits of free markets. John can now be found on Reason TV and is focusing on teaching students basic economic principals at Stossel In The Classroom where students can get free DVDs.

For decades you have seen John appear on ABC News and Fox Business Channel preaching libertarian political philosophy and views on economics focusing on free markets. John has received 19 Emmy Awards and five National Press Club awards for excellence in consumer reporting. Stossel has written three books recounting how his experiences in journalism shaped his socioeconomic views, Give Me a Break in 2004, Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity in 2007, and No They Can’t! Why Government Fails but Individuals Succeed.

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  1. Melissa Praemonitus Member
    Melissa Praemonitus

    Brilliant and kind, John Stossel truly has a teacher’s heart.  Another great interview, Dave.

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  2. DocJay Inactive

    Fun times dude, good interview.  Stoss is true to himself.  A very classy man.

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  3. Judge Mental Member
    Judge Mental

    The alternative media is where everything is happening.  At this point, the average age for TV news viewers is approximately… dead.  Younger people don’t watch at all; they barely watch TV at all.  We’re witnessing a sea change.

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  4. I Walton Member
    I Walton

    He’s a great teacher.   We didn’t use to hear this kind of libertarianism anywhere.  Now we do.  I hope it’s not too late.  The drug legalization is a hard sell, scares folks, making the policy debate more difficult.   While the war on drugs is a total disaster and the cause of enormous and growing harm it will continue unless we can come up with something other than legalization as Colorado has.  These toxic substances should not be treated as chewing gum, nor should we simply decriminalize them.  Decriminalization may be the only policy worse than the current war on drugs.    I agree that Sessions’ approach to drugs is very disturbing and will ultimately increase the costs of the war on drugs and make it more difficult to ameliorate the harm these substances do.

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  5. CB Toder aka Mama Toad Member
    CB Toder aka Mama Toad

    I like Stossel a lot but I think Jeff Sessions is great, so I don’t agree with him on everything. I’ve shared his videos with my offspring, like this recent one:

    Thanks for speaking with him and sharing with us.

    (Your exit music is rather long, no?)

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