Michael Medved on the Fragile GOP Majority


Salem Media syndicated talk show host and author Michael Medved graciously returns to the Whiskey Politics Podcast to discuss the healthcare mess, the GOP’s extremely fragile majority, election 2018, Trump, Sessions, Israel, and much more.

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  1. Melissa Praemonitus Member
    Melissa Praemonitus

    My new adjective for you is “unflappable”, Dave.  Saul Alinsky’s son decides to throw his briefcase down on the table during an interview?  No visible reaction from you.  Someone spills his drink?  You handle it with good humor.  Gals talking too loudly while you’re trying to hear your guest?  You sail through it gallantly.  Guy walks up and actually starts asking you questions while we are taping an interview? Firm, but gracious.

    I just congratulate myself that I didn’t smack anybody.

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  2. Judge Mental Member
    Judge Mental

    On the issue of having a ‘professional staff’ around him, the danger is that if Trump surrounded himself with the kind of people that Medved would choose, he would end up being just another Republican president, and Trump is politically astute enough to know that’s not what he was elected to be.  At the same time, a team of nothing but outsiders can’t work.  It’s a thorny problem, finding a workable balance between the two.

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