Quote of the Day: Liberty and Equality


A society that aims for equality before liberty will end up with neither equality nor liberty.

And a society that aims first for liberty will not end up with equality, but it will end up with a much closer approach to equality than any other kind of system that has ever been developed.

— Milton Friedman

Something that seems more relevant today than ever.

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  1. Arahant Member

    Thanks, Seawriter. Very, very true.

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  2. JustmeinAZ Member

    Love that quote! Gotta remember to print it out and put it on the fridge.

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  3. Judge Mental Member
    Judge Mental

    You can totally picture him saying this.  The smile, the almost laughing tone in his voice that says, “C’mon, you can see this, can’t you?”.

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  4. RightAngles Member

    I love him. He was our neighbor once in the Chicago burbs but I never met him.

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  5. Songwriter Inactive

    Fantastic quote. And very apropos for our times.

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  6. Cyrano Inactive

    Reminds me of this passage from Democracy in America, vol. 2, bk. 2, ch. 1:

    “I think that democratic communities have a natural taste for freedom; left to themselves, they will seek it, cherish it, and view any privation of it with regret. But for equality their passion is ardent, insatiable, incessant, invincible; they call for equality in freedom; and if they cannot obtain that, they still call for equality in slavery. They will endure poverty, servitude, barbarism, but they will not endure aristocracy.”

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