Michael Walsh on Russia, Trump, and the ‘Deep State’


Michael Walsh, author of The Devils’ Pleasure Palace joins us at Whiskey Politics to discuss Russia, Trump, and the “Deep State.” You have seen Michael’s pieces in Time magazine, SF Examiner, PJ Media, National Review, NPR, and the NY Post. Follow Michael on Twitter @DKahaneRulesListen here, at Ricochet.com, WhiskeyPolitics subscribe at iTunes, Stitcher or GooglePlay. Your five-star rating is greatly appreciated!

Intro: “Little Green Bag” George Baker Selection

Out: “Back In The USSR” Paul McCartney Live at Red Square, Moscow.

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  1. NigelT Member

    I like this Walsh guy – how did I not know of him already??? Looks like I’ve got a book to buy!

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  2. Melissa Praemonitus Member
    Melissa Praemonitus

    I have the hardcover, as well as the audio version.  The book is not a quick read; Michael writes elegantly and very efficiently, working a lot of meaning into every sentence. The reader may find himself stopping to re-read a paragraph or stop to quietly contemplate a profound idea, so it’s totally worth it.

    Pugnacious, brilliant and articulate, you won’t forget a conversation with him.


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  3. goldwaterwoman Thatcher

    I totally enjoyed this man and hope to hear more from him on Ricochet. Thank you Dave.

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  4. Dave Sussman Contributor
    Dave Sussman

    Goldwaterwoman (View Comment):
    I totally enjoyed this man and hope to hear more from him on Ricochet. Thank you Dave.

    Thanks, hopefully we can get him back again.

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  5. I Walton Member
    I Walton

    Wow.  Didn’t know this guy.  Another book I have to buy to hear my own thoughts spoken elegantly.

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  6. ToryWarWriter Thatcher

    I just finished listening to the Powerline interview again.  I have to have listened 10 times now.

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