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  1. ctlaw Coolidge

    Scooter Libby for AG.

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  2. No Caesar Thatcher
    No Caesar


    Larry Koler:

    I. M. Fine:As difficult on some levels as it may be, Trump would do well to reach out to at least one (or more) of the primary candidates he beat. This would be a good first step to begin to consolidate the party and build bridges. I would nominate Carly Fiorina for either treasury or commerce.

    Good idea. And he probably will do some of this. Cruz, Walker, Jindal, Rubio even, but not Jeb.

    Jeb Bush as secretary of energy.

    Secretary of Low Energy…

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  3. No Caesar Thatcher
    No Caesar


    CB Toder aka Mama Toad:

    Johnnie Alum 13:Kasich — Director of OMB

    I think there is zero chance that Trump will ask John Kasich to serve in his Admin… just a hunch but I think Trump disdains him pretty severely, and the feeling is mutual.

    I think it was a spectacularly classless move for Kasich to boycott the convention which was held in his own state. That’s an insult to the people of the state, and to all businesses involved with the event, regardless of what he thinks of the candidate. He should have sucked it up, done the bare minimum and kept his mouth otherwise shut.

    And his state went Trump to boot!

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  4. Richard Fulmer Inactive
    Richard Fulmer

    Misthiocracy:State: John Bolton
    Atty Genl: David A. Clarke, Jr
    Defense: Colin Powell
    Treasury: Walter Williams
    Interior: Sarah Palin
    Education: Dennis Prager
    Chief of Staff: Newt Gingrich
    Press Secy: Mike Rowe
    NSA: Linus Torvalds
    Agriculture: Victor David Hanson
    Energy: Kirk Sorensen
    HUD: Thomas Sowell
    HHS: Ben Carson
    Commerce: Carly Fiorina
    Veterans Administration: John McCain
    Homeland Security: Rudy Giuliani

    I like most of your choices with the exception of Collin Powell.  Besides screwing over Scooter Libby, I don’t think he did a good job in the aftermath of the Iraq War.  Though, George W. should have knocked some heads together and gotten State and DoD to work together.

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  5. Owen Findy Member
    Owen Findy

    Misthiocracy: Homeland Security: Rudy Giuliani

    The terribly-named Homeland Security: abolish it.

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  6. iWe Coolidge

    Privatize the TSA.

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  7. Umbra Fractus Inactive
    Umbra Fractus

    Scott Adams for Press Secretary.

    Robert Zubrin for ambassador to Elbonia.

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  8. ctlaw Coolidge

    Mel Gibson as Ambassador to Canada just to tick off all the celebrities who move there.

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  9. Brian McMenomy Inactive
    Brian McMenomy

    I like Jeb for Education Secretary; say what you like about him (and I’m sure you will), he’s actually done the charter school thing really well.

    Jindal for HHS is fantastic.  He’s already the smartest guy in the room & knows the terrain backwards & forwards.

    Trevor Rees-Jones for Energy: has actually worked in the business for a long time, and can explain fracking better than anyone I’ve heard (see his UK interview with PR).

    Carly Fiorina for Defense: She’s tougher than any of the other choices, knows policy & procurement and cyber (which is only going to grow in importance).

    Bolton for State is a no-brainer.

    I love Romney for VA, inspired choice.  A guy that knows how to turn around completely screwed up enterprises, and a nice political grace note.

    Press Secretary:  As much entertainment as Milo or Newt would provide, I would lean toward Dana Perino.  Knows the turf and can provide grace under pressure.

    Kellyanne for Chief of Staff: Duh.

    You want to blow minds?: Palin over the EPA.  The bureaucracy would freak.



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  10. Metalheaddoc Member

    CB Toder aka Mama Toad:

    Scott Wilmot:How about we just get rid of Education, Agriculture, Energy, HUD, HHS, and Commerce. Then we don’t have to think so hard on who would be good there.

    I forgot EPA, which is a part of this set of obsoletes.

    Does it have to be an American citizen? If not….Delingpole!

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  11. Metalheaddoc Member

    Lazy_Millennial:Milo Yiannopoulos for press secretary

    Or Ted Nugent

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  12. Hoyacon Member

    This clearly puts me in the minority, but I’d prefer to see Bolton in the White House as something like National Security Advisor.  The bureaucracy at the State Dept. is stifling, and, although I’ll get push back on this, is difficult for one person to change.

    I would hope that Robert Gates is asked to take a major position, and he would be a great choice for State.

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  13. Ralphie Inactive

    Doctor Robert: Or the NR writer who convicted the Blind Sheik

    Andrew McCarthy

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  14. Umbra Fractus Inactive
    Umbra Fractus

    Brian McMenomy:I like Jeb for Education Secretary; say what you like about him (and I’m sure you will), he’s actually done the charter school thing really well.


    He’s also big on Common Core, though.

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  15. Roberto Member

    It’s interesting the suggestions that mirror the list leaked by Trump staffers, some choices just seem a natural fit.

    Among the names being considered, according to conversations with three campaign advisers who requested anonymity to speak freely: Rudy Giuliani for attorney general, Newt Gingrich for secretary of state, retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn for defense secretary or national security adviser, Trump finance chairman Steve Mnuchin for Treasury secretary, and Republican National Committee finance chair Lew Eisenberg for commerce secretary.


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  16. Brian McMenomy Inactive
    Brian McMenomy

    Umbra Fractus:

    Brian McMenomy:I like Jeb for Education Secretary; say what you like about him (and I’m sure you will), he’s actually done the charter school thing really well.

    He’s also big on Common Core, though.

    We’ll box him about the ears; Trump is President, it will be his agenda.

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  17. nyconservative Member

    a combination of Giuliani and Bolton at state and defense would make me feel very good going forward

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  18. Mongo of York Inactive
    Mongo of York

    In addition to who takes what post, I propose decentralizing these offices a bit.  This is the 21st century, what with tweeting and face-timing and skyping and all.  Let’s spend our money wisely. Real estate in DC will bring a pretty penny back into the treasury, so here are some ideas: let’s move the Agriculture Department to, say, Wichita Kansas.  Interior, how about Flagstaff, Arizona. Treasury? New York stands out, but perhaps not in Manhattan. Defense? How about Killeen, Texas, right outside of Fort Hood…and so on.  After all, this would also help security, allow DC to get some taxable property, and encourage the K street lobbyists to see how the rest of the nation is doing…

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  19. Kate Braestrup Member
    Kate Braestrup

    Larry Koler:

    Lazy_Millennial:Milo Yiannopoulos for press secretary

    Now, this is genius! Great idea. And what fun it would be.

    This wins most original suggestion.

    Milo’s been saying this for ages—he wants it!

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  20. dittoheadadt Inactive

    NR’s Andy McCarthy for Attorney General

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  21. Muleskinner Member

    Saint Augustine:

    Larry Koler:Christie? I have real trouble with him. I don’t trust him.

    Indeed. Please note well this distrust among your supporters and among those who would be inclined to view your administration charitably, Mr. Trump.

    I don’t know, he might be useful as Transportation Secretary…

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  22. Viator Inactive

    Now meet the men (and women) who will rule America: Inside the VERY conservative cabinet Trump is lining up


    Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, one of Donald Trump's staunchest supporters, is on deck to become the nation's attorney general 


    Sarah Palin, who endorsed Donald Trump in January, is rumored to be on the list to run the Interior Department. The folksy Palin is pro oil and gas and a big hunter 

    State? :

    President-elect Donald Trump (left) found a valued political ally in former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (right) - who could find himself in Hillary Clinton's old gig as secretary of state 


    Another Trump ally in the U.S. Senate, Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker of Tennessee, coud become secretary of state 

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  23. CB Toder aka Mama Toad Member
    CB Toder aka Mama Toad

    I love the Daily Mail… I check them almost every day…

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  24. CB Toder aka Mama Toad Member
    CB Toder aka Mama Toad

    The Mail is mentioning Jeff Sessions as Secy Def. That would be brilliant. That guy is smart and tough. Did I mention tough and smart?

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  25. Owen Findy Member
    Owen Findy

    iWe:Privatize the TSA.

    Eliminate it.

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  26. CB Toder aka Mama Toad Member
    CB Toder aka Mama Toad

    Ambassador Bolton tonight on foreign policy:

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  27. CB Toder aka Mama Toad Member
    CB Toder aka Mama Toad

    CB Toder aka Mama Toad:Ambassador Bolton tonight on foreign policy:

    I love his poppy of remembrance.

    Image result for poppy remembrance day

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  28. GoatSchtump Inactive

    Bolton for SoS!

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  29. Saint Augustine Member
    Saint Augustine

    Saint Augustine:

    We go with all the big names, don’t we?

    The best people [person] for many jobs may well be a long-serving public servant with no big name at all.

    No Caesar:

    True, but those are the Deputies. They replace the big name along the way. At this juncture Trump needs to provide assurances to those who are worried, and known entities are a good way to do that. Also, a big name sends a strong signal of the direction.


    Depends. We want to reduce government intrusion, regulation, and micromanagement. Few or no long-serving public servant with no big name share this goal. Bureaucrats always accrete power.

    CB Toder aka Mama Toad:

    Indeed — the best people may well be not public servants at all. Trump just may understand this in a way that most president-elects will not…

    Well answered!

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  30. Z in MT Member
    Z in MT

    No Caesar:

    Z in MT:I have to say many of these suggestions are ill-considered. Bolton for State is the only clear pick.

    Like which? Since I’ve been a suggestion-maker, I obviously disagree.

    I’ll respond to many here:

    First off, the Secretary of Energy is best filled by a scientist or an engineer. Most of the DoE goes toward maintaining our nuclear stockpile and/or running large scientific and engineering labs. There is a reason why Obama chose Steven Chu (a Nobel Prize winning atomic physicist) for Sec Energy.

    Newt would be a terrible Press Secretary as his ego is too large. A good Press Secretary needs to be able to subsume their ego for their boss.

    The first suggestion for Peter Thiel for Commerce is silly. The Commerce department has very little policy portfolio is not about innovation or economic policy, but about protecting large industries and maintaining a few important public services (NOAA, National Weather Service, NIST). Unless he is there to figure out what needs to kept and what can be scrapped it would be a waste of his time and energy.

    For Sec. Def you don’t want former military. There is a reason why there needs to be civilian leadership in the Pentagon.

    Ted Cruz for SCOTUS is a terrible idea. First Trump committed to a specific list that did not include Cruz (it did Sen. Lee) I don’t think we should encourage Trump to break any promises.

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