Two Drink Minimum: Earworms


No, not a pest that attacks corn, tomatoes or cotton. The songs that get stuck in your head and play over and over and over. They’re a curse that drives you nuts when they get played on a radio, or at a grocery store, or at the nightmarish Chuck E Cheese ripoff you’ve been dragged to for your nephew’s birthday. Or that a love one sings next to you in a car. The sort of song that makes you want to pick up a baseball bat and register your opposition. This phenomenon is so irritating there’s been a TED talk about it, because that’s the only thing that could make them worse:

There are some terrible songs that qualify:

Terrifying songs too:

And some that are irresistibly catchy songs that make you into a vodka-swilling commie:

What earworm drives you nuts that you want to inflict on the rest of the Ricochetti, and what are you drinking to forget the one you hear now?

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  1. Austin Murrey Inactive
    Austin Murrey

    I need something expeditious and brutal to numb my sensibilities and blast me into sweet oblivion.

    No, not a boilermaker.


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  2. skipsul Inactive

    I’m NOT clicking anything in this thread.  I shouldn’t even comment here.

    Now, take THAT:

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  3. TKC1101 Inactive

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  4. Addiction Is A Choice Member
    Addiction Is A Choice

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  5. Dean Murphy Member
    Dean Murphy

    Was ist los mit dir mein schatz?

    No drinking yet, too early.

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  6. Columbo Member

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  7. Arahant Member

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  8. Columbo Member

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  9. Columbo Member

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  10. TKC1101 Inactive

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  11. Columbo Member


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  12. Arahant Member

    Mrs. Ravoon is a good one, but I am not finding a recorded version on the Web, just the words.

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  13. TKC1101 Inactive

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  14. Columbo Member


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  15. Chris Member

    skipsul:I’m NOT clicking anything in this thread. I shouldn’t even comment here.

    Now, take THAT:

    Hard to believe it has been 26 years since I last heard that song…

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  16. Columbo Member


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  17. James Lileks Contributor
    James Lileks

    Re Green Acres: it’s a genius theme. The orchestration is brilliant; sounds like it’s being played by stepping on small farm animals. Then when it switches to New York, Mizzy uses those dissonant  xylophone notes to say URBAN in a way that’s recognizable to anyone who ever heard an American soundtrack – and then combines the two styles at the end when Eva and Eddie are going back forth.

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  18. Dean Murphy Member
    Dean Murphy


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  19. skipsul Inactive

    For TKC:

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  20. Arahant Member

    Some of these songs are great. I wouldn’t call them ear worms.

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  21. Dean Murphy Member
    Dean Murphy

    skipsul:For TKC:

    Wow!  That opening is some awesome stagecraft.

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  22. Mendel Inactive

    The trendy new term “earworm” originated from the much older German direct translation “Ohrwurm” – for all of the cliched tackingonsmallwordstomakeonebigwörden, Germans actually have a knack for small compound words that artfully describe familiar concepts (like earworm).

    And with that introduction out of the way:

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  23. Dean Murphy Member
    Dean Murphy

    singing in German always reminds me of Frank Zappa

    CoC Violation (in German from the beginning, in English from 1:43)

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  24. Scott Wilmot Member
    Scott Wilmot

    Can I just drink?


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  25. Austin Murrey Inactive
    Austin Murrey

    Scott Wilmot:Can I just drink?


    No Mr. Wilmot, I expect you to die!


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  26. Isaac Smith Member
    Isaac Smith

    Y’all need help.  Not a chance I’m clicking on anything in this thread – I even skipped over the titles.  I need an earworm like I need . . . .an earworm.

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  27. danok1 Member

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  28. Nanda Panjandrum Member
    Nanda Panjandrum

    With thanks to ST:  a caipirinhaCaipirinha2and this:

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  29. Hoyacon Member

    I’m having a Yuengling lager while contemplating the essentially sadistic nature of this thread–the primary purpose of which seems to be to put other people’s annoying songs (OPAS) into my head.  I now have several vying for mental attention and I really don’t  need misty water-colored memories of any of them (thanks a bunch, @Columbo).

    Edit:  I realized I should have excepted Pachelbel’s Cannon from OPAS inclusion.  Does it count as earworm virtue signaling? :)

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  30. Seawriter Contributor

    A weird sort of admission.  The earworms I tend to hear most are parts of the Greek Orthodox Divine Liturgy. The chorus parts will pop up at the oddest times. But I don’t mind.  They seem to come when I need the lift.


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