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  1. iWe Coolidge

    Super news! Thank you for keeping us updated!

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  2. jmelvin Member

    I thank you as well.  It is nice to see positive news in the promotion of schooling options with public funds, since this seems to be an obligation forced upon all citizens for funding.

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  3. Underground Conservative Coolidge
    Underground Conservative

    I love your posts. They are always so constructive and hopeful.  Thank you.

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  4. genferei Member

    Thank you.

    Obviously there is a lot of nonsense to be eliminated from state constitutions (Nevada perhaps less so than others).

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  5. Jason Bedrick Inactive
    Jason Bedrick

    Underground Conservative: I love your posts. They are always so constructive and hopeful. Thank you.

    Thanks! It helps that my policy area is one of the few where proponents of liberty actually appear to be making progress these days.

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  6. James Of England Moderator
    James Of England

    This is wonderful news and I am grateful for the post. You were clear, interesting, non-hysterical, and exactly what I want to have more of in my reading. Thank you!

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