Comrade Hillary Celebrates Robust Health


Comrade HillaryThe Central Committee of Democratic Party condemns scurrilous attacks by hooligans and saboteurs with regard to the robust health and well-being of our fine leader and comrade Hillary Clinton.

As all can see from the not doctored photographical evidence shown thusly, Comrade Hillary exhibits lifelike visage upon reviewing military parade for glorious May Day gathering. She briefly stricken by allergies overheating pneumonia yet still attend solemn ceremony in city of New York this Sunday. She also visit flat of daughter Chelsea, greeting her newborn grandchild with love, and later hug noble devochka outside of building. Such selfless acts make historic impact! How great is the dignity shown, for she strong like bull.

“I deeply regret that because of temporary causes I will not be able to attend fund gathering session of the DNC plenum,” Comrade Hillary said in speech read by aides to gathered press journalists to report precisely. “When I assume the chair in capital buildings, grain production shall boost immeasurably and beet harvest to rise four-fold.”

The rumors of cruel conspiracy mongers cannot be borne to go unchallenged. Yet in show of magnanimous transparency, the Central Committee of the Democratic Party has released full accounting of medical reports for review of the people:


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  1. Kozak Member


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  2. Kozak Member


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  3. 6foot2inhighheels Member

    I love this!

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  4. Richard Fulmer Inactive
    Richard Fulmer

    She looks very lifelike for a wax figure.

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  5. Pseudodionysius Inactive

    Yuri Andropov Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov CVCE Website

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  6. Pseudodionysius Inactive

    Better put some ice on that.

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  7. DizzyBritches Inactive

    Most glorious piece!

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  8. Chris Campion Coolidge
    Chris Campion


    15 kilometres!  A true Communist man-specimen.  Much like his son.

    Image result for kim jong un fat

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  9. James Gawron Inactive
    James Gawron


    Lenin tomb

    So life like.



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  10. Pseudodionysius Inactive

    Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders debate Photoshop battle

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  11. Richard Fulmer Inactive
    Richard Fulmer

    I strongly object to the whole tenor of this post and the responses to it.  To imply that Hillary Clinton is a communist is way beyond the pale.  I mean really.  Just because she wants to socialize health care, confiscate wealth, eliminate the First Amendment, eliminate the Second Amendment, punish people for thought crimes such as disagreeing with the global-warming-is-Armageddon meme….  Oh…  Um…  Never mind.

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  12. Douglas Inactive

    “I am to be described as ‘Vigorous!’; do you hear? Vigorous!” *done in Russian accent*

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  13. Johnnie Alum 13 Inactive
    Johnnie Alum 13


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  14. blank generation member Inactive
    blank generation member

    Greetings from healthy and happy comrade vacationing in Mexico.


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  15. Simon Templar Member
    Simon Templar

    Most glorious comrade (товарищ) Clinton!

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  16. Larry Koler Inactive
    Larry Koler

    Douglas:“I am to be described as ‘Vigorous!’; do you hear? Vigorous!” *done in Russian accent*

    You mean “Wigorous”.

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  17. Dustoff Inactive


    Kozak,  my apologies.  I thought these guys were just your run of the mill ISIS victims .

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  18. 9thDistrictNeighbor Member

    Ah, the Soview cold. Gets them every time.

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  19. Marion Evans Inactive
    Marion Evans

    Drinking water is too bourgeois. Comrade dehydrated because drink only vodka.

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  20. Eeyore Member

    Anticipate with infinite joy installation of revered Clinton shrine in all American home. Completion time of 12 noon, Friday, January 20 will be inspected immediately by representatives of Peoples’ Enthusiasm Committee. Any references to President 42 must be purged from home prior to completion of installation.

    Joy of all Americans for this action is 100%. There are none who wish the shame of deviating from this glorious task!

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  21. profdlp Inactive

    Jon Gabriel, Ed.:  …bull…

    You could have left it at that and saved yourself a lot of typing.

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  22. Wiley Inactive

    Delightful. Do it again. Tell me more about comrade Hillary, the central committee wishes it.

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  23. tigerlily Member

    I, for one, have never ever doubted  Comrade Hillary’s robust health.

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  24. JimGoneWild Coolidge

    Vodka for all good comrades!

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  25. Jon Gabriel, Ed. Admin
    Jon Gabriel, Ed.


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  26. Podkayne of Israel Inactive
    Podkayne of Israel

    Dizzy With Success!

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  27. Richard Fulmer Inactive
    Richard Fulmer

    Jon Gabriel, Ed.:

    Just say Pno?make

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  28. Marion Evans Inactive
    Marion Evans

    Jon Gabriel, Ed.:make

    This is going to be a lung campaign.

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  29. Tom Meyer Member
    Tom Meyer

    I don’t get this. Jon is NeverTrump. How can he write an anti-Clinton piece?

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  30. Robert Poste's Child Inactive
    Robert Poste's Child

    Hereby predicting a return of the men’s wear fashion for the ladies next season (sigh).

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