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  1. Duane Oyen Member
    Duane Oyen

    anonymous:I love this podcast, but I shan’t be listening because there’s no download option available (either here, or at Soundcloud, even though most other Hoover podcasts and earlier episodes of this one have that option).

    I refuse to be tethered to a computer to listen to a podcast.

    You are 100% correct, and express my views 100%.  Every broadcaster who attempts to control us via streaming anything- whether a computer or telling us to all buy smartphones and subscribe to iTunes or Stitcher is one more site to boycott.  I don’t think that Hoover intended this- though they do try to make it difficult by not offering clean links to D/L options- you need to affirmatively select the appearance of the D/L button when setting up the server, and being sloppy about that sends a message about intent.  The same thing applies to the Kevin Williamson recording earlier today.  It is clear that people do not want listeners unless they are willing to be tethered.

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  2. Duane Oyen Member
    Duane Oyen

    I should n0te that I did D/L the audio here the hard way- I played it, and used Video Download Helper for Firefox (I don’t use Firefox because of the Brendan Eich travesty, but VDH also works with the Pale Moon browser).

    BTW, does anyone else hate the browsers- IE, Chrome, etc., that don’t have an option to display a traditional menu inn the upper left?  That is largely why I use Pale Moon.

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  3. Eeyore Member

    So, Troy. I don’t see anything like “Emeritus” under your pic. Are they just short of categories at R> 3.0, or did they let you keep a desk in the corner in the basement underneath that old dripping AC condenser?

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  4. Blue Yeti Admin
    Blue Yeti

    I’ll talk to Hoover about this on Monday. My hunch is they simply forgot to check the download box. Will report back as soon as I hear from them.

    Also, you can subscribe to this podcast and get the file that way. The RSS feed is here:

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  5. Blue State Blues Member
    Blue State Blues

    The podcast is available at iTunes U.

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  6. MLH Inactive

    Blue State Blues:The podcast is available at iTunes U.

    Never seems to be available in plain old iTunes until days later.

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  7. Blue Yeti Admin
    Blue Yeti


    Blue State Blues:The podcast is available at iTunes U.

    Never seems to be available in plain old iTunes until days later.

    If subscribe to this feed, you’ll get it as soon as it is released (I do):

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  8. Blue Yeti Admin
    Blue Yeti

    Wanted to get back to you all on this. I asked Hoover about the download option and this is what they replied:

    We always make the podcasts downloadable on SoundCloud and It appears that SoundCloud no longer allows downloads. It might be because SoundCloud wants users to come to their site rather than download the mp3s.

    Listeners can download the Libertarian podcasts from our feed located here:

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