FIRE Launches New Free Speech Podcast


So To SpeakI’m proud to announce that FIRE has launched So to Speak: The Free Speech Podcast. New episodes will be posted every other Thursday morning. The first of our bi-weekly episodes features interviews with me and with Brookings Institution Senior Fellow and Kindly Inquisitors author (as well as a personal hero of mine) Jonathan Rauch. As FIRE says over at The Torch:

In 1993, a young Rauch published Kindly Inquisitors: The New Attacks on Free Thought. It was his response to what he saw as the West’s lackluster and apologetic defense of the novelist Salman Rushdie’s free speech rights. In this inaugural episode, Rauch talks about his book and its impassioned moral (not legal!) defense of liberal inquiry and criticism. You’ll also hear the inside scoop from Greg on his and Rauch’s first meeting. (Hint: It involved comic book superheroes.)

You can listen to the episode here, and read more about the podcast over at The Torch.

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  1. D. Ritsas Inactive
    D. Ritsas

    Excellent news. Mr. Lukianoff you are the man! I am grateful for your indispensable work over the years in defense of liberty. I look forward to listening to the podcast this evening.


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  2. Greg Lukianoff Contributor
    Greg Lukianoff

    D. Ritsas:Excellent news. Mr. Lukianoff you are the man! I am grateful for your indispensable work over the years in defense of liberty. I look forward to listening to the podcast this evening.


    Hey, thank you! I hope you keep tuning in!

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  3. BenMSYS Member

    I can’t think of a book I’ve bought more than Kindly Inquisitors. Seriously, if you want a copy, disagree with me on free speech. One will be delivered to you post haste.

    I’ll be listening.

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  4. Barkha Herman Inactive
    Barkha Herman

    I am there!

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  5. Ulysses768 Inactive

    Really good stuff!  I look forward to the next episode.

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