Trans is the New Black


Attorney General Blandly Sinister turns the power and might of the federal government to the important question of who pees where in North Carolina. Plus — for those who feel I was too unkind to Donald Trump when I called him a “clownish reptile” yesterday — a detailed, five-point explanation on why exactly Trump is different from other politicians, not in a good way. (Tomorrow: an apology to clowns and reptiles.)

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  1. Mate De Inactive
    Mate De

    Wait, Hillary is more than just corrupt. I respect your submissions as to why you think Trump is evil, but Hillary is equally if not more evil. This is a woman who knowing got a rapist of a 12 year girl off and then bragged about it. She ruined the lives of the women who her husband sexually assaulted or raped. She is responsible for the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi for ignoring or not taking seriously the security threats to the consulate there. She is a liar of the first order. She lied to the faces of the parents of those who died in Benghazi. She set up an unsecured server as Secretary of State so that she could protect the money her and her husband got selling influence as secretary of state. Sending classified information back and forth that we know have been hacked by our enemies, and who knows what goods they have on her.

    Back to the Clinton foundation, her and her husband took a lot of money from some of the poorest countries in the world to maintain their level of affluence.

    Also what will happen to our country if she is elected? She broke the law. She did something that other people would be in jail for, and she may be elected president. What will happen if she is elected and there is a revolt at the FBI? How will the American people view our government and the rule of law, the only thing that keeps us from being a Banana Republic. If we elect someone who blatantly broke federal law and became president of the United States, will people respect the rule of law anymore?

    I know many people hate Trump but take the blinders off on Hillary. She is a disgrace and a danger, we don’t know what our enemies have on her.

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  2. Douglas Inactive

    “Wait, I wanted a hamburger. That’s a hot dog”

    “I identify as hamburger”


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  3. Front Seat Cat Member
    Front Seat Cat

    Your Trans is the New Black title reminded me of a story I read a few months back……….only it wasn’t a joke or flippant… was a view in the Harvard Divinity Bulletin, where they teach faith and morals for the new generations:

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  4. Maureen Rice Inactive
    Maureen Rice

    You’re a woman who has been rejected?  Boo hoo.  Join the club!

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