The Democratic Debate: Because Eight Just Wasn’t Enough


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TDS-Logo-BLast night Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton met at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to launch broadsides against one another ahead of Tuesday’s primary in New York. (Get it? Because ships.) It’s been a while. They last squared off on March 9 in Miami. (How the race has changed since then…)

So what did you miss? We’ll tell you…

The word of the night was “feisty.” At one point, when the candidates were shouting over each other, Wolf Blitzer had to shout at them that the viewers wouldn’t be able to hear them if they were all shouting. (Did we mention there was a lot of shouting?) Sanders was feisty. The moderators were feisty. The crowd was feisty. And Hillary? Well, she was downright angry.

In fact, Clinton was on offense all night. The primary wasn’t supposed to go on this long and she’s probably annoyed that she has to spend more time on another debate. So Hillary pulled out all the stops: She pandered to the locals. She played to the crowd. She gave her shrill laugh and her creepy smile. She name-dropped. She played the victim card. She played the 9/11 card. She took credit for what happened on her husband’s watch (except when she backed away from it). She took credit for President Obama’s accomplishments (except when she was busy throwing him under the bus). And she twisted attacks from Sanders to make them sound like they were shots at Obama. (Probably because Obama is way more popular than she is.)

Bernie Sanders was … Bernie Sanders. (You can say one thing about the guy, he gives consistent performances.) He talked about the same stuff he’s always talked about: rigged economy … yada yada …. big money interests … yada yada …. free college … yada yada …. millionaires and billionaires … yada yada …. working families … yada yada …. powerful special interests…

If it all sounds like a broken record, it’s because the candidates sound like broken records. (Or, in Sanders’ case, a broken 19th-century wax phonograph cylinder.) They didn’t say anything last night that they hadn’t said in the eight previous debates.

When someone asks, you can say that you missed the debate. But it would be far more accurate to say that you didn’t. (And, as always, here is a transcript.)

This is a preview from Friday morning’s The Daily Shot newsletter. Subscribe here free of charge.

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  1. Don Tillman Member
    Don Tillman

    I didn’t see the whole thing, but what I saw… man, oh man, was it awful.

    If you ever think the Republican party is hurtin’, just remember that the best the Dems can run are two really annoying, old communists.

    All the Republican candidate has to say at the debate is, “You’re a communist, and everything the Dems take control of goes to hell.”  [Mic drop.]

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  2. Doctor Robert Member
    Doctor Robert

    The “broadside” pun was better until you explained it.

    Until you explained it, it might also have referred to the Old Broad on the debate stage.

    Some things are better left unsaid, Jimbo.

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  3. Fred Cole Inactive
    Fred Cole

    See, to me, puns are only ever funny when they’re pointed out.

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