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Declaration-independence-2-0One of the most portentous constitutional developments over the past several generations is the extent to which Congress has surrendered its responsibilities to the other two branches of government. Indeed, too many policies have been imposed by political aristocrats in the judiciary and bureaucracy without even a pretense of accountability to the people. Thus, when ordinary citizens are confronted with dictates that reconfigure industries, attack religious beliefs, impose hiring quotas, require transgender bathrooms, or justify mob actions instigated by over-privileged brats, they have every right to exclaim: “When did we ever consent to that?”

The fact is, we didn’t, any more than our forefathers consented to being taxed or reduced to slavery by a superpower that asserted its authority “in all cases whatsoever.” Our Republic’s founders responded with a Declaration of Independence and fought a war to ensure it. The question is, should new Declaration be submitted, one that might stimulate discussion about the survival of the United States?

Let’s give it a try. Put on your 18th-century spectacles, consider the following proposal, and assess its relevance for America’s future prospects.

When a juncture of history forces citizens of a great Republic to face destruction of their remaining liberties by a despotic elite, necessity demands an inquiry into the grounds that compel their resistance to government mandates, which, if not repudiated, would relegate them to a condition of abject servitude, as subjects deserving universal contempt.

This inquiry readily yields the founders’ enduring proclamations about our unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which governments are instituted to protect at the risk of being altered or abolished. Rulers should not occasion rebellion on the basis of transient misadventures that normally attend the tasks of democratic governance. But when a century’s accumulation of assaults against constitutional government demonstrates a strategy to enslave Americans with the shackles of tyranny, citizens have the right, and the duty, to alter or abolish corrupt institutions that perpetrate such evils and restore our Republic on the firm foundation of popular consent.

The fundamental question of our age centers upon available means to halt tyranny before its relentless advance seizes the last moments of opportunity to restore our freedoms. Previous generations relied on the wisdom of judicial determinations to safeguard the Republic against its adversaries. But America’s former guardians of the constitution now have become its willing executioners, lauded by a cabal of academic sycophants and legions of petty despots who inhabit our public offices throughout the land. Little if any help may be sought from that quarter.

Thus it is to the people’s representatives that we turn our attention, with the assumption that elected officials are sensitive to addressing citizens’ concerns on a timely basis, while also devoting consideration to longer term consequences of legislative acts. Instead we are confronted by a multitude of abuses, which compel us to enumerate acts of commission and omission that have hastened the decline of our Republic.

Congress has:

Exempted itself from legislation that never would have passed if applied also to those who created it.

Acceded to executive requests for appropriations of such exorbitance as to ensure the economic collapse of the country.

Sustained bureaucracies filled with officials whose obligations naturally incline them to support executive dominance indefinitely.

Permitted government employees to demand increasing shares of citizens’ wealth to preserve their positions, from which they cannot be dismissed even for committing the most egregious offenses.

Funded academic complexes dominated by radicals who indoctrinate students with hatred for America, all while extracting citizens’ wealth to sustain them and enjoying freedoms of the country they profess to despise.

Created bureaucratic fiefdoms immune from the discipline of the separation of powers, permitting functionaries to act with dictatorial independence from legislative scrutiny.

Failed to challenge by impeachment judges whose miscreant contrivances mock constitutional limits or the letter of the law.

Considered legislative proposals that would abolish constitutional protections for freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.

Taken advice from credentialed mercenaries whose fortunes are contingent on government largesse.

Permitted vast expansion of executive agencies whose lawless aggressions render citizens helpless to defend themselves except at the risk of utter ruination.

Permitted unconstitutional usurpations of its authority by the president, whose orders on matters of immense national importance include the following:

  • Rewriting, ignoring, or delaying implementation of laws passed by Congress;
  • Committing military forces without congressional authorization;
  • Defying constitutional stipulations on presidential appointments;
  • Defying laws regarding the release of prisoners who have waged war against America;
  • Ignoring national bankruptcy laws to benefit partisan supporters;
  • Granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens without legal authorization;
  • Encouraging the invasion of our borders by hordes of murderers, rapists, thieves, and other felons;
  • Attempting to criminalize opposition to policies embraced by America’s enemies;
  • Ignoring constitutional requirements in the conduct of making treaties; and,
  • Failing to fulfill constitutional responsibilities to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”

The sum of these abuses forces the conclusion that a ruling class has entrenched itself in America and is waging war against the Republic, relegating citizens to the status of a conquered people.

Thus, we, the CITIZENS of the UNITED STATES, RESOLVE to:

Resist with every means at our disposal continuous assaults against the Republic and our liberties;

Proclaim with renewed conviction the SOVEREIGNTY OF THE PEOPLE as the single standard to judge official decisions, pursuant to which we propose to:

Employ existing instrumentalities of the people to create a COUNCIL OF STATES charged with the duty to declare INVALID acts of government that destroy our rights and end the world’s grandest experiment in constitutional government.

In propounding these RESOLUTIONS, we trust that admirers of our founders will welcome consideration of additional checks on the despotic inclinations of many office holders. Certainly we can agree that the auxiliary precautions against tyranny embodied in our constitution have transformed into exigent requirements to ensure its survival, in an age where restorers of America’s foundations face hostilities buttressed by moral skepticism, popular ignorance, or indifference to the public good.

We conclude by appealing to our fellow citizens with the question, what other road can a freedom-loving people choose? The time is near, the hour is approaching. Portentous events summon grave reflections on our moral convictions, which surely will compel actions that require drawing from a well of courage that we may only pray is deep enough to fortify our resolve as we confront the trials of these times.

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  1. Bryan G. Stephens Thatcher
    Bryan G. Stephens Joined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    Well written.

    Not quite to the “our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor” point yet?

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    • March 14, 2016, at 12:35 PM PDT
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  2. BrentB67 Inactive

    Fun mental exercise, but it seems a little ridiculous sending this a bunch of legislators we re-elect each cycle with 80%+ certainty.

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    • March 14, 2016, at 12:36 PM PDT
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  3. The (apathetic) King Prawn Member

    It would be awesome if more than about 20% of the citizens actually desired limited, constitutional government rather than free [expletive]. Want a better government? Get a better people.

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    • March 14, 2016, at 12:43 PM PDT
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  4. Israel P. Inactive

    Do you feel better now?

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    • March 14, 2016, at 12:52 PM PDT
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  5. Stad Thatcher

    A novel idea, but how you top perfection? (see Declaration of Independence 1.0)

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    • March 14, 2016, at 1:25 PM PDT
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  6. James Gawron Thatcher
    James Gawron Joined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member


    This is an absolutely wonderful thought experiment. Here we have a document without which without question the United States of America would never have existed. Yet, are any of us moderns up to the intellectual moral challenge it presents to mankind.

    Wouldn’t it make sense to have every single high school senior write an essay defending these principles. What else does being an American citizen mean? Surely those entering an American Law School should be asked to write out their beliefs on American fundamentals. Why should we be licensing them to practice American Law if they don’t believe in the American form of government?

    Excellent Marvin.



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    • March 14, 2016, at 1:28 PM PDT
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  7. Rodin Member

    I applaud this idea. The challenge is to find a way to get our fellow citizens (and I do mean citizens) focused on: what is at stake; how far we have wandered from our historical roots; how those roots safeguarded our liberty even as its initial implementation was not helpful for the property-less, women and slaves; and that expanding individual liberty utilizing more contemporary attitudes is consistent with the original document while expanding government activity is not.

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    • March 14, 2016, at 5:52 PM PDT
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  8. Ball Diamond Ball Inactive

    The current administration is racking up its abuses against the original document such that I see no need for an update.

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    • March 15, 2016, at 1:47 AM PDT
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  9. Profile Photo Member

    Marvin Folkertsma: The question is, should new Declaration be submitted, one that might stimulate discussion about the survival of the United States?

    “Whatever” quoted by the latest “pew” poll on this question.

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    • March 15, 2016, at 4:57 AM PDT
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