Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems


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TDS-Logo-BBen Carson’s campaign may have raised beaucoup bucks in Q4, but he’s having some other … problems. Last week he had 20 top staff quit, including campaign manager Barry Bennett and communications director Doug Watts. (That’s on top of his tanking poll numbers.)

So why the departures? Word around the campfire is that it has to do with radio host Armstrong Williams. William and Carson go back a long time, as friends and business partners, and he’s been an advisor to the Carson campaign, causing him to butt heads with several staff, including Bennett.

Ed Brookover has been named the new campaign manager, and retired Gen. Bob Dees (as far as we can tell, no relation to Deez Nuts) has been named the new campaign chairman.

With a neurosurgeon as President, and a general for a campaign chairman, we couldn’t help but envision a Carson administration staffed by people with oddly matched professional experience: an exterminator as Secretary of State, a microbiologist for Secretary of Defense, an accountant as Secretary of Energy, an astronaut Attorney General, a radio station manager as Secretary of HUD, and the Secretary of Treasury could be a rodeo announcer.

Yeah, it sounds far fetched, but our current president claimed to be a constitutional law professor, and, well, we see how that turned out.

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  1. jonsouth Inactive

    Hardly surprising that he’d fade away after enjoying a brief moment in the spotlight. Carson simply doesn’t have the political experience to deal with the rigors of anything like a presidential campaign. You don’t just throw yourself in at that level, no matter who you are.

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