The Libertarian Podcast, with Richard Epstein: “New York, ExxonMobil, and Global Warming”


New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has issued subpoenas to ExxonMobil because of a suspicion that the company’s internal research on the potential impacts of climate change tells a different story than its public actions. Is this political grandstanding or a legitimate fraud investigation? How can you face legal suspicion over studies that are inherently speculative? Is this the prelude to a prosecutorial offensive against energy companies modeled after the attack on the tobacco industry? Those are just some of the questions Professor Epstein addresses in the latest issue of The Libertarian, available below or when you subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.

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  1. Fritz Coolidge

    One way to deter and intimidate private companies’ research that  might result in some deviation from the elite’s conventional wisdom (“climate change deniers” and all that) is to criminalize nonconforming results. Can’t have those, nosiree.

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