Wedding Crasher


GOP 2016 State of PlayIn his weekly column in the Wall Street Journal, Bill McGurn neatly sums up Jeb Bush’s problem:

Mr. Bush is like the father of the bride dealing with a belligerent drunk who’s crashed the wedding reception. At every juncture, the drunk is willing to escalate insults. Because he’s long beyond shame, moreover, he doesn’t mind an incident, and might even want one.

Long past shame. That’s The Donald, all right.

Bill goes on to argue that Jeb can turn things around by attacking Obama and Hillary. What do the good people of Ricochet think? If you were advising Jeb, what would you tell the man?

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  1. Guruforhire Inactive

    Go away.

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  2. livingthehighlife Inactive

    Peter Robinson: If you were advising Jeb, what would you tell the man?

    Do the honorable thing and end your campaign.

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  3. Manny Member

    At some point one hopes the drunk is a major turn off.  If the American culture has sunk so low that they are willing to elect a low class, buffoon of a drunk, then nothing a dignified person can do to compete with it.  This is a test for the United States of America.  If the drunk gets elected (which I would not be surprised if he did) then God help us.  The culture has been on a downward spiral for fifty years now.  It will have reached a culmination.

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  4. Austin Murrey Inactive
    Austin Murrey

    Drop out of the race, he can’t win because of his last name.

    And I don’t think Jeb is the father of the bride.

    He’s the snobby rich kid always talking about travelling abroad asking the cheerleader to the prom only to have her go out with the bad boy from across the tracks.

    He can’t process the rejection, and neither can his parents who cluck disapprovingly at “that boy”.

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  5. Pseudodionysius Inactive

    Jeb is the washroom attendant who dispenses the warm hand towels and shines your shoes at the wedding reception. Trump just used the stall, washed his hands, dried them and told his handlers to “tip the help”.

    Its up to someone else to take Trump out. One in the hand towel is worth two in the Bush.

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  6. Guruforhire Inactive

    The foundational metaphor is both ridiculous and insulting.

    Jeb is not a father figure to anybody not immediately spawned by him, nor is this his families party.

    Lets cool it with the nonsense.  Its increasingly difficult to take the anti-trump brigade seriously, with the never ending parade of poorly formulated farce masquerading as thought.

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  7. The King Prawn Inactive
    The King Prawn

    Jeb is not what the party or the nation needs. Similarly, Trump is not the answer to the problem of Jeb.

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  8. Vance Richards Member
    Vance Richards

    Jeb would let all of the wedding crashers stay because, even though they have no right to be there, the people who are getting free food and booze at his expense are doing so as an act of love.

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  9. Ralphie Inactive

    I did not want Jeb to run because I think the family dynasty thing is not a good path. I do think Jeb was a good governor, and wouldn’t be the disaster so many think.

    But, the question was what would you advise if you were in the position.

    Jeb should be Jeb.

    I would not talk about Trump, but about what my record and beliefs are.  I don’t like to do business with someone who bashes a competitor. We don’t bash our competitors in our business; some of them are actually good allies.

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  10. Tommy De Seno Contributor
    Tommy De Seno

    Trump has proposed tax increases, supports the government power to tax one industry more than others and supports weapons bans.

    Start with that.  The issues.  Ignore his insults.

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  11. CuriousKevmo Member

    To answer your question Peter, I’d agree that Jeb should focus on Obama and Hillary.  I think all the candidates should.

    But I’d agree with the other posters as well — mostly I just want Jeb to go away.

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  12. Tommy De Seno Contributor
    Tommy De Seno

    Also, the RNC needs to inject two antibodies into the race to kill the Trump virus.

    1. Antibody One:

    Make a deal with one of the candidates who is starting to realize he can’t win, to stay in the race to punch the bully in the mouth.  “Out Trump”  old Donald Trump.

    You see, in this world there are victims, bullies, and bully killers.

    Trump is phony tough like all bullies. He’ll cry when hit because his ego will be damaged and if there’s one thing a bully can’t stand it’s that.  He’s even revealed his trigger points (his bankruptcies).

    Everyone is afraid to punch him hard for fear of losing.  Pick a guy with nothing to lose and let him have at it.

    Antibody Two:

    Trump’s asset now is his intemperate demeanor.   The more intemperate, the higher his poll numbers climb.  Introduce a strong silent type to belittle him for it.  Remind all that Ronald Reagan was tougher but remained dignified.

    For starters, see Carly Fiorina’s ad about her face.

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  13. EJHill Podcaster

    McGurn’s loyalty to the Bush family is admirable but misplaced. Jeb is another in a long line of pols who try sell themselves as “the competent adult.” It didn’t work for Dole, it didn’t work for Kerry and it didn’t work for Romney.

    More pointedly, we have entered the age of disconnect. Western leaders around the globe have bought into the Davos mindset. The people are too stupid to govern. They must be convinced that their shepherds are benevolent demi-gods who will hand out the world’s riches with fairness and equality.

    As evidenced by the rise of Obama they have made great inroads. But there remains the problem of national pride. Trump is tapping into that. It’s his only appeal, really. Does Jeb really think that conducting his rallies in Spanish counteracts what The Donald is doing? Who says, “Let’s abandon this talk of controlling our borders, preserving American values and culture by flocking to the guy with the “¡” on his posters. We really want to be told we’re callous, heartless bastards in a foreign language!”?

    Trump isn’t going away. Neither is Nigel Farage or Marie LePenn. And keep your eye on Frauke Petry, the Leader of the AD Party in Germany.

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  14. jetstream Inactive

    In hindsight, I wonder if Jeb can see the irony of elevating Hillary’s stature with the Freedom Medal and the speech he made at the ceremony aggrandizing Hillary’s abilities and accomplishments. He did everything possible to endorse Hillary for president without saying the word endorse.

    Jeb is a no-go as a candidate. His base is the GOP establishment and Wall Street hedge fund managers – not many voters in his base.

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  15. Ed G. Inactive
    Ed G.

    More like Trump is Al Czervik and Bush is Judge Smails.

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  16. Locke On Member
    Locke On

    Jeb! is more like the rich kid high school quarterback who think the cheer team captain will naturally want to pair off, never bothers to find out what she likes or wants in a partner, and is then aghast and affronted to find her seriously dating someone else.

    That said, he should play the ball not the man on Trump.  Pick issues where his position is essentially that of the Democrats and knock both of them in one go.  Let Trump’s boorishness speak for itself.

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  17. Paul A. Rahe Contributor
    Paul A. Rahe

    Tommy De Seno:Trump has proposed tax increases, supports the government power to tax one industry more than others and supports weapons bans.

    Start with that. The issues. Ignore his insults.

    This is good advice.

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  18. Paul A. Rahe Contributor
    Paul A. Rahe

    I have a post about to go up. For now I will say no more.

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  19. Hartmann von Aue Member
    Hartmann von Aue

    What I would tell Jeb: Go home and relax. Your well-earned rest ought to continue a bit longer.

    What I would tell Trump: Go home. Build a nice golf course. And give all your political money to Marco Rubio.

    In short, I’d be nicer than Tony. But, the R candidates need to do what Tony suggests for the good of the nation and the party.

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  20. John Penfold Member
    John Penfold

    He can’t win.  The people who support Trump will not vote for Bush, they might vote for Cruz or Carly, if they’d  pay attention to Trump.  But Bush has no chance and should recognize it.  The fact that he doesn’t tells us something else about him and the people around him.   He has lots of money and the parasites we call political consultants won’t abandon him until he runs out of money.   The Bush’s are gentlemen, they were bred to manage senior government positions, it’s hard not to like them, but the country needs a different sort now, even the last two Bushes weren’t up to the challenge.  It’s that vision thing.

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  21. Percival Thatcher

    Jeb – Message: we don’t care if you care.

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  22. The Cloaked Gaijin Member
    The Cloaked Gaijin

    Peter Robinson:If you were advising Jeb, what would you tell the man?

    You mean in the English language?

    He might listen to me, if I spoke Spanish.

    I hear that the Pope is going to speak mostly Spanish when he arrives.  So the Pope doesn’t wish to communicate.  Interesting strategy.  Spanish is the Pope’s native language.  I don’t know who Jeb is trying to fool.  Hispanic-Americans, illegal immigrants, the Mexican government, American voters, the Republican Party, Democrat-leaning voters, or just himself.

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  23. 6foot2inhighheels Member

    Hearing Jeb!’s opening speech at AFP’s Defending the American Dream Summit a while back, I couldn’t help but see him as the kid who really wanted to be a watchmaker, but had the misfortune to grow up in a family of politicians.  He is the unhappy result of many years of mimicking the gestures he learned at Toastmasters.

    It’s actually hard not to check Facebook while he’s speaking.

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  24. Pseudodionysius Inactive

    Paul A. Rahe:I have a post about to go up. For now I will say no more.

    It will be HUGE.

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  25. The Cloaked Gaijin Member
    The Cloaked Gaijin

    Ed G.:More like Trump is Al Czervik and Bush is Judge Smails.

    Ted Cruz is Ty Webb.

    Ben Carson is Danny Noonan.

    John Kasich is Dr. Beeper.

    Rand Paul is the Gopher.

    Chris Christie is Carl Spackler chasing Rand Paul Gopher.

    Mike Huckabee is Bishop Fred Pickering.

    Reince Priebus is Lou Loomis.

    The Republican Party voters are the Baby Ruth bar circling the bottom of the pool drain.

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  26. Nick Stuart Inactive
    Nick Stuart

    Another swing and a miss as Peter tries again to get some love for Jeb! on Ricochet.

    It’s possible to like neither Bush nor Trump (which is where I come down on the question).

    The anti-Trump screeds are getting really tiresome though.

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  27. Mike LaRoche Inactive
    Mike LaRoche

    Austin MurreyHe’s the snobby rich kid always talking about travelling abroad asking the cheerleader to the prom only to have her go out with the bad boy from across the tracks.

    Heh. ;-)

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  28. Roadrunner Inactive

    From the civilized mouth of Jeb!

    “Donald Trump is an a##hole.” “jerk”, “buffoon”, “clown”

    Which one is the belligerent drunk and I might add a low energy belligerent drunk?

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  29. Franco Member

    Do the GOPe and the Bushies ever listen to the base – like maybe just to plan their strategy as in “know your enemy”?

    We all know how bad Hillary is/would be. And we know full-well the GOPe strategy of making Democrats boogeymen as a rationale for their candidates.

    But it rests on a very strange mantra: “You conservatives hate Democrats even more than we do, so why aren’t you just going with us, because those Democrats are horrible!?”

    Back to the wedding analogy;

    *Jeb is the father of the groom, a young Hispanic man who is marrying a homely redhead. He can’t attack Hillary, she’s the Mother-of-the-Bride.

    *Jeb is the priest, he can only watch in horror and pray.

    * Jeb is the reluctant groom – and he’s actually gay.

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  30. Louie Mungaray (Squishy Blue RINO) Inactive
    Louie Mungaray (Squishy Blue RINO)

    McGurn’s analogy, Jeb! Bush as father of the bride, is the most gobsmackingly egregious, obtuse, and presumptuous act of foundation-smuggling I have seen in quite some time.

    Trump, Carson, and Fiorina rolling at 60% right now puts the lie to this presumption straightaway.

    This analogy presumes the very issue at hand in this election: who is the master of this house? Who is the keeper of this zoo?

    Political Scientists use the technical term  ___-ton to describe the number of Republican voters who say it is not and never will be Jeb!

    I speak not as a flasher of the red ass but as one with a keen sense of the obvious: that ass is in fact bright red and it remains pointed directly at Jeb!

    Jeb seems like a really decent guy. He needs to ask himself why so many people perceive his candidacy to be rooted in presumption and entitlement.

    Hillary’s sense of entitlement disgusts and alarms me. It feels somehow evil, my body reacts to it before my mind does. Jeb’s  I find more understandable, being President and fighting a war in the Middle East, that’s just what they do. But I can take or leave him, nothing compelling there.

    I find Rubio’s long term potential much more interesting.

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