This December, Join the Gang at Bullets and Bourbon in Texas


bullets_bourbon_ricochet_9-14-15-1Want to help preserve the Second Amendment? Like luxury and fine dining? Think you can’t have both? This is not your father’s conservative weekend event. Guests of Bullets & Bourbon will be staying at a luxurious executive retreat (Rough Creek Lodge, pictured above) a little over one hour from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. They will be fed world class cuisine and have the use of 11,000 acres of hunting, shooting, and every type of activity you can think of.

Our speakers are Glenn Reynolds – a.k.a the Instapundit – Ricochet’s own Kevin D. Williamson, Ed Morrissey of Hot Air, Dana Loesch of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, and from PJ, Roger L. Simon, Stephen Green, and Dr. Helen Smith, plus strength training expert Mark Rippetoe. Guests will not only hear presentations by our incredible speakers, but will break bread and perhaps a few sporting clays with them.

Bullets and Bourbon is the inaugural events of Full Digital Jacket. FDJ was started with the aim of presenting educational and social events in support of the First and Second Amendments, with an appropriate thanks for the 21st Amendment. Not surprisingly, the topic for Bullets and Bourbon is the Second Amendment, and the threats and attacks it is facing in the United States today.

More information and registration materials can be found at, or by calling 1-800-707-1634.

Update: Use the discount code Ricochet to receive a $100 discount when signing up.

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  1. MLH Inactive

    Is there a discount for Ricochet Coolidge members?

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  2. Austin Murrey Inactive
    Austin Murrey

    Can I attend without booking a room if I’m in the DFW area?

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  3. Johnny Dubya Member
    Johnny Dubya

    Perhaps it should be called, “Bullets, Then Bourbon”.

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  4. NinaY Inactive

    MLH:Is there a discount for Ricochet Coolidge members?

    Yes, we’re happy to give Ricochet members a $100 discount if you use the code Ricochet when you register.

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  5. NinaY Inactive

    Austin Murrey:Can I attend without booking a room if I’m in the DFW area?

    Hey Austin, we’d love to do that and maybe if we fill up the rooms we’ve reserved (get your friends to come to town) we’ll work something out, but right now it’s a package deal. But then you don’t have airfare to pay so maybe you can swing it.

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  6. NinaY Inactive

    Johnny Dubya:Perhaps it should be called, “Bullets, Then Bourbon”.

    We know that our attendees — _especially_ those coming from Ricochet know that the order is bullets and then Bourbon. Actually it’s seminars, bullets, BIG TEXAS STEAKS and then Bourbon. But we left out the steak and the seminars.

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