Ask Amelia: Birthdays


AskAmelia3It’s a special Saturday, all-birthday edition of Ask Amelia!

My birthday is at the end of January. Always the worst weather and the most depressing time of year. Can I change it to the end of July? — @ThatElJefe

Dear El Jefe,

Take a note from another boss — her majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England. Her actual birthday is April 21, but the Queen’s official birthday is a Saturday in June (not necessarily the same weekend every year). Choose a date that works for you and make that your official birthday. If it’s good enough for the Queen, it’s good enough for the boss.


What’s the best birthday gift you’ve ever received?

— @John_Alvarado_1

Dear John,

Several years ago, my mother brought me into this world, and it happened on my birthday. I’d say my parents giving me life was the best birthday gift ever, making every other gift possible. I also like jewelry and peonies.


If Donald Trump doesn’t get invited to your party, he may throw a separate party. What party should conservatives go to?

— @JoeFBiden

Dear Joe,

Trump was definitely not invited to my party, so conservatives have a decision to make. I have very pretty hair and am not insane, so they should come to my party or send a gift.


I feel we need a celebration for every birthday. No quiet birthdays; people need to celebrate. What do you think?

— @RedneckThink

Dear Redneck,

I absolutely agree. Birthdays are to be celebrated. Under duress, if necessary. Just never throw a surprise party, because nobody wants that.


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  1. Mike LaRoche Member
    Mike LaRoche

    I’d invite Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump to my birthday party.  It’d be one for the ages!

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  2. Mike LaRoche Member
    Mike LaRoche

    Or as The Donald would say, it’d be YUGE!

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  3. John Hendrix Thatcher
    John Hendrix

    The question from “@JoeFBiden” should have included a pic of “pensive Biden”

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  4. Jules PA Member
    Jules PA

    Mike LaRoche:Or as The Donald would say, it’d be YUGE!

    Left out some U


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  5. Eustace C. Scrubb Member
    Eustace C. Scrubb

    My brother’s birthday is the day after Christmas. My parents early on made the wise choice to celebrate his half birthday. Some aunts and uncles still sent one combination “Christmas/birthday” gift (sometimes it was a sweater).

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  6. Rachel Lu Contributor
    Rachel Lu

    My mother threw me a surprise party when I turned 18. I quite enjoyed it. But I can appreciate why not everybody does.

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  7. Jules PA Member
    Jules PA

    Our family moves birthdays at whim.

    My sister was born in October. We joke that her “birthday observed” is June 24, because we had a surprise in June, instead of October.

    My birthday is in June. My family planned a surprise 40th party for me in August.

    They feigned it was just a pick-up family dinner at a restaurant, to celebrate my birthday, because I had been out of town since my birthday.

    I couldn’t understand why my sisters, normally last to be ready for anything, were haggling with me about what time to leave for dinner, and why wasn’t I ready.

    I was late, and I was surprised to see siblings from Chile, Colorado, and Kansas present.

    We planned a 50th surprise for my brother, in August, but his birthday was in March. It was just easier to get everyone together in August.

    Good times with family do not know the bounds of a calendar.

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  8. Basil Fawlty Member
    Basil Fawlty

    If it’s good enough for Jesus . . .

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  9. profdlp Member

    I was born on Mother’s Day, or so they tell me.

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  10. Pony Convertible Member
    Pony Convertible

    My employer gives you a day off for your birthday.  Mine is in early February.  I tried to change it to July, but no luck.

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