The Eureka Podcast: California’s Tax Problem


I’m back in California this week, being reminded all over again about this state’s many natural virtues and many manmade vices. Amongst the latter group is tax policy in the Golden State, which is — how do I put this tactfully — crazy. Beating-your-head-against-a-padded-wall crazy.

In this installment of the Eureka podcast from the Hoover Institution, I talk with Hoover fellows Carson Bruno and Bill Whalen about how the extreme progressivity of California’s tax code fuels its recurring budget crises, whether Californians are really the tax-loving lefties they’re made out to be in the popular consciousness, and whether meaningful tax reform in the Golden State is a real possibility. Listen in below:

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  1. Larry3435 Member

    I’m have my own version of California tax reform.  I moved to Nevada.

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  2. Aloha Johnny Member
    Aloha Johnny


    Sounds interesting, but I cant find it on Itunes……

    Please make it easy for us to listen.



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