The Libertarian Podcast, with Richard Epstein: “The Iran Deal”


Is President Obama out of his mind? That’s more or less the question that animates this installment of The Libertarian podcast.

In addition to considering the security implications of our diplomatic agreement with Iran, Professor Epstein also digs into the convoluted legal structure: How is it that President Obama can essentially invert the traditional treaty power so that it’s a heavier lift for Congress to reject the deal than for the president to get it passed? And do challenges to that innovation have a chance in court? Find out by listening below or by subscribing to The Libertarian via iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

Published in Foreign Policy, Law
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  1. user_82762 Inactive

    Richard & Troy,

    A Presidency of deceit. Gruber is the prophet of the Age of Obama. First, the giant ACA lie. Next, getting elected twice against SSM and then suddenly deciding to be in favor as a cabal of 5 Justices decide to synthesize a right that upends all legislative & cultural precedent. Finally, a hopelessly twisted vision of foreign policy. Useless would be a compliment as it has massively increased the dangers of this World. Deceiving to the last his intention of total capitulation to the Tyrannical Mad Regime. As Mark Steyn mentioned, comparing Obama to Chamberlain isn’t fair to Chamberlain.

    “But what more oft, in nations grown corrupt…”



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  2. user_891102 Member

    Troy, can you and anyone else there in the LawTalk universe (plus the Hoover universe) confirm whether or not Obama could conceivably be impeached over willful violation of the “take care” clause of the Constitution?

    Clearly he’s violated it with gusto before, primarily in matters of domestic-policy controversy (e.g., DOMA). But this Iran deal takes things to a whole new level.

    (N.B., I’m assuming that the US role as a guarantor/signatory to the NPT is the way into a charge of violating the “take care” clause; treaties being treaties, their approval occasions new laws, changes to existing ones, or a combination of the two.)

    If indeed there is a case to be made, I would implore you (the collective you, or “you all”) to press it with anyone and everyone you know on Capitol Hill and its environs.

    Because really, enough is quite enough.

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  3. MarciN Member

    Excellent discussion that explored the most important questions. Thank you.

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