The Strategika Podcast: Josef Joffe on Whether the West Will Still Fight


josef_joffeIn this next installment of our new series of Strategika shows on NATO, I’m talking with Josef Joffe, research fellow at the Hoover Institution and publisher/editor of the German weekly Die Zeit. Our topic: is NATO endangered partially by an erosion of will on behalf of both Europe and the United States? And is European reticence different in kind than the American version or just in degree? You can hear the conversation below or by subscribing to Strategika through iTunes or your favorite podcast player.

Published in Foreign Policy
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  1. Ball Diamond Ball Member
    Ball Diamond Ball

    Holy Cow!  Didn’t know you were up on SoundCloud.  Thank you!

    For those who don’t know, SoundCloud is a kind of wild west of audio, like YouTube in the early days.

    The iOS app is great, and works quite well for capturing your own sounds as well.

    Man, that’s some cough.

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  2. I. raptus Member
    I. raptus

    Yay!  There’s an general RSS feed for Strategika now (and your other Hoover podcast interviews, such as The Libertarian with Richard Epstein!  [Troy Senik finally breathes a sigh of relief that this jerk will finally, finally, stop bothering him about it.]

    Seriously, these are always interesting even if the subject matter itself might not seem one’s cup of tea, and you’re a great interviewer, even when you’re not hamming it up as well as you do for Law Talk.  Thanks for linking to these on Ricochet in the first place, by the way, or it’s unlikely I would have come across them.

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