The Libertarian Podcast: Baltimore, Law Enforcement, and Race


You won’t want to miss this installment of The Libertarian podcast. Professor Epstein is on his A-game as we review the recent riots in Baltimore, discuss whether criminal charges were brought too hastily against the police involved in Freddie Gray’s death, work through Hillary Clinton’s critique of “the age of mass incarceration,” and ponder what both law enforcement and African-American political leaders can do to ratchet down the tensions. Listen in below or subscribe to The Libertarian through iTunes or your favorite podcasting app.

Published in Domestic Policy, Law
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  1. Ricochet Inactive

    Calling this -great- podcast “Epstein’s-A-Game” would not do him justice.

    Of course, it wouldn’t occur to your humble listener to find fault with the Great Libertarian himself. Instead, let him lay blame with the groundskeeper: Epstein was not properly briefed on the Gray Case.

    Can a knowledgeable Richochet member help with these questions, that were left unanswered in the podcast?

    (1)    What are ‘Terry-Stops’? Are they applicable here? Does the fact that Gray was a known Parolee have implications?
    (Bonus question): If the arrest turns out to be legal: Will SA Mosby be subject to the same “unlawful arrest” charge?

    (2)    Assuming failure to secure Gray with a seatbelt is found to be criminal. Stipulating that all six LEOs were aware of this fact (at different times). What are the implications for the culpability of each one? Does it matter who saw him last, before the (ultimately fatal) injury?

    (3)    Gray was repeatedly convicted for drug-dealing (at least once for assault) for which he received multi-year prison sentences (Later partly commuted). If mere drug-users are subject to excessive minimum-sentencing – Why was Gray out?

    (4)    Did SA Mosby breach professional conduct rules with her public statements? If so, who would initiate a disciplinary process?

    Thank you!                                                                  

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  2. Ricochet Member

    I briefly answered the “Terry stop” question in this post earlier in the week (look at the end of the post).

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  3. Ricochet Inactive

    Thanks for your reply!

    Not sure whether you have listened to the Podcast. When I compare Epstein’s comments with your explanation of “Terry Stops” (which Epstein didn’t mention), it appears, that Epstein was wrong when he concluded that Gray’s arrest was unlawful – As you can imagine this has caused quite a bit of cognitive dissonance on my end…

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