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  1. user_82762 Thatcher


    What a nice girl!

    She was merciless with the women who Bill sexually harassed (raped). Now we find out she was a female Simon Legree.

    Quite a package.



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  2. Instugator Thatcher

    Heh heh heh – predatory lenders.

    Resurrect Whitewater. Use the term.

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  3. Percival Thatcher

    Just when you think all the sleaze has been squeezed out of these two, another dollop splats to the floor.

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  4. Barfly Member

    Eh. Weak beer. Maybe useful as a reminder of Whitewater, but I think this issue is more likely to contribute to the sense that “they’re always picking on Hillary.” Let’s not pile on with such trivia, especially with so much current info on the Foundation.

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  5. James Of England Moderator
    James Of England

    In case this gives anyone hope, it’s worth remembering that Obama’s mother worked in high interest loans, too, but that doesn’t seem to have persuaded him of the humanity of those who work to provide the poor with credit.

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