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  1. user_82762 Thatcher


    Weeeeee! That’s funny! Of course, then he could pull votes from UKIP like Netanyahu pulled from Bennett. I hear Nigel is preparing an AD campaign. Here’s a sample.




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  2. gts109 Inactive

    He’s so good at Twitter, and he just joined too.

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  3. user_51254 Member

    I saw another tweet that suggested Boener should invite Bibi back to Congress just to rub it in. That would be awesome.

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  4. user_86050 Inactive

    So if you’re a Democrat on the fence about some WH initiative (especially the Iran deal) …  don’t you suddenly feel relieved, released, and encouraged to vote your conscience?

    Bibi may have indirectly quashed the deal after all.

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  5. user_1030767 Inactive

    More evidence supporting the John Podhoretz thesis that Obama is really good at getting himself elected, and not much else.

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  6. user_124695 Inactive

    I seem to recall that Mr Axelrod is (or was) advising Mr Cameron’s opponent, Red Ed – what could possibly go wrong?

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  7. Quinn the Eskimo Member
    Quinn the Eskimo

    Obama is only successful within the sphere influenced by the American media and usually only when he is an active participant.

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  8. user_444739 Inactive

    That is great. Thanks Peter, I needed a good belly laugh this afternoon.

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  9. user_82762 Thatcher

    David Williamson:I seem to recall that Mr Axelrod is (or was) advising Mr Cameron’s opponent, Red Ed – what could possibly go wrong?


    I don’t know whether this is true, however, just the words Axelrod and Red Ed in the same sentence have been known to cause severe indigestion and temporary blindness. Please be careful will you.



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  10. user_891102 Member

    Actually, I would posit that the best observation yet seen — while not a tweet but rather a reader comment on the Times of Israel site — is this one, because it’s specific to the core bilateral tension between the White House and Camp Bibi:

    “Who’s the chicken[CoC] now?”

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