The Libertarian Podcast: Ferguson Revisited


I’d recommend this week’s installment of The Libertarian podcast if only because it’s rare to hear Professor Epstein hold forth with this level of passion. Our topic: the recent Department of Justice reports on Ferguson, Missouri — one exonerating Darren Wilson in Michael Brown’s death, the other alleging a systemic pattern of racial bias in the Ferguson Police Department. Richard’s less than happy with the political agenda of Eric Holder and his associates. Listen in to hear why (and subscribe to The Libertarian on iTunes or your favorite podcast app to take us on the go):

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  1. user_82762 Thatcher

    Richard & Troy,

    Headline tomorrow:


    Yes it should happen but I’m not holding my breath. Not the rock hard facts exonerating Wilson nor the total lack of global statistical confirmation in the ‘disparate impact’ witch hunt that Holder ran against Ferguson can stop the grand phony race baiting grievance industry. Sharpton Inc. should issue common stock.

    Race relations have been driven back 50 years by this nonsense. Richard, thanks for putting the Judges robes on and giving Holder a little of what he deserves. I remember when I was young and was watching a real trial for the first time. The advocate was way out in left field, so much so that everybody in the court room knew it. I can remember the Judge all but telling him to ‘sit down and shut up’.  At least the legal version of that. Nice.



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