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  1. Ball Diamond Ball Inactive
    Ball Diamond Ball

    I love Mattis.  He’s awesome.  But we already threw this war.  What he means is the war is not won until either of those conditions are met.  This administration, however, does not have victory as an exit condition.

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  2. user_82762 Inactive


    The General is great. Of course, he knows that as long as the Taliban won’t sign up for the Afghan Constitution the war is not over. This would require the Taliban to accept the full separation of Religion and State. My position makes just Jihad the litmus test. I guarantee you that the Taliban is not going to renounce Jihad. So what is the difference. My position might make it easier to use surge tactics. If there is a group that is adherent to most of Sharia and is still willing to renounce Jihad (not the Taliban) then they can be part of a coalition. Just a thought.



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  3. Ball Diamond Ball Inactive
    Ball Diamond Ball

    This vein is tapped.  Now that the good guys have said screw it, there’s nothing left for it but Chinese mining and Russian corruption.

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  4. user_1938 Member

    Assuming that a Republican President after President Obama has the will to do what is necessary to “win” Afghanistan, whatever that means, can the plan be accomplished in less than four years? If not, abandon it. In modern American politics, anything that relies on prolonged political support will fail.

    Incentives for wannabe dictators only work as long as they continue. Set the dictator free and he will abuse his citizens freely. If you want to put an enduring stamp on a foreign society, you have to break it and own it a while. Modern Americans aren’t willing to do that. This idea of instituting a benevolent civilization in foreign nations without direct force is a pipe dream.

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  5. dbeck Inactive

    Not possible to win, the eastern neighbor keeps feeding fighters into the country and we will not confront them. Lately ISIS has started killing the Taliban and is now another player in the country. Four players counting the “democratic” government jockeying for control.

    Too few U.S. troops doing too many tours of duty. Nope, not gonna win there.

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