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victor_davis_hansonAt the Hoover Institution, we’ve just released a new set of podcasts from our Strategika series on military history and foreign policy (subscribe to Strategika on iTunes here). We begin this series — which focuses on Russia and Ukraine — with a conversation with the great Victor Davis Hanson, who, amongst his many other accolades, chairs the Military History/Contemporary Conflict Working Group at Hoover that produces Strategika. In this episode, Victor attempts to get inside Vladimir Putin’s mind: analyzing his motivations, his ultimate goals, and the possible means of deterring him.

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    That was interesting. Couple VDH with the previous one with Angelo Codevilla and we’ve got our hands full with this guy.

    Putin seems smarter than his Soviet predecessors and less constrained geopolitically.

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    • March 16, 2015, at 7:16 PM PDT
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