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  1. user_1100855 Member


    When it comes to Radical Islam this Irishman can only state the following – there are two opinions that of the optimist and the pessimist.

    The optimist hopes for the best –  and the pessimist well, he is always right………

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  2. Ricochet Inactive

    I’ve been paying attention to Egypt.  Who would have thought that boldness would come from a Sissi?

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  3. user_82762 Inactive

    Hi Peter,

    Humble apologies. I had not noticed this post and have been all over the place lately. I would very much like to turn in a late comment.

    The General is right on target. He is very close to my point of view. However, there is still a small nuance left between us. He refers to the problem as Political Islam. This puts the question of the paramount nature of Sharia Law at the forefront. I can certainly agree that this is a huge problem that would help the Islamic World immensely if they could get over it and separate Religion and State. On the assumption that it may be difficult for this to happen smoothly all at once, I still find my emphasis on the single concept of Jihad to have merit.

    My questions are simple.

    Does ISIS constitute a Jihadist group?

    Does IRAN constitute a Jihadist state?

    If the answer is yes then we know who the enemy is. If when we question any other group or state, they can make a good case that they are not and have no intention of becoming Jihadists then they are prime candidates for allies. The General so eloquently described Muslim allies fighting with him in the field.

    This may seem a minor tweek but I suspect it would facilitate a much more rapid solution to the problem.



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