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Nate D. Sanders Auctions Collection Of Academy Award Oscar Statuettes Set To Be AuctionedBoring? Lame? Too many actor-bating lectures? All of the above? Here’s an article which highlights many of the cringeworthy moments as a jumping off point.

10 Craziest Most Memorable Moments from the 2015 Oscars

I will return to comment after I call my mom and dad, google ALS to learn more about that horrible (and trending!) disease, fight for women’s rights, and treat some Mexicans with the dignity they deserve.



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  1. Trink Coolidge

    All of the above.

    A capsule of the degrading influence affecting our country.

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  2. Asquared Inactive

    I find it much easier to simply wake up and find out who won.

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  3. MLH Inactive

    I thought that Oprah not getting the joke comparing how much money AS has made to her was funny. Then I switched to stream a show about Petra while waiting for DA.

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  4. Quinn the Eskimo Member
    Quinn the Eskimo

    Well, we are on a streak.  Best Picture for a movie about a movie star to produces a play (Birdman, 2014), following up on a movie about how filmmakers saved American hostages in Iran (Argo, 2012), following up on a movie about a silent film actor in the transition to talkies (The Artist, 2011), following up on a movie about an actor who teaches the King of England to rally the nation against Hitler (The King’s Speech, 2010), following up on a movie about how a television game show plays a role in the destiny of a young Indian boy (Slumdog Millionaire, 2008).

    The next time I hear that a movie is coming out about actors, movies or television, I should put down money in Vegas.

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  5. user_86050 Inactive

    I feel like Bill Murray … “didn’t see it.”

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  6. user_385444 Thatcher

    How late did it go? Was anyone still awake in the East?

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  7. Quinn the Eskimo Member
    Quinn the Eskimo

    Old Vines:How late did it go?Was anyone still awake in the East?

    You mean it’s still not going on now?

    Johnny Carson had the Oscars nailed decades ago.  Two hours of sparkling entertainment spread out over four hours.  Although I thin the sparkling entertainment portion seems to get ever shorter.

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  8. Concretevol Thatcher

    Sorry, that list made me care less than before.

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  9. Ricochet Member

    I debated with myself about including a request. The request would have been to please not use your comment to express utter indifference. Didn’t see it. Who cares? Oscar who?

    While I totally understand people not caring and not wishing to torture themselves, I think it unwise to ignore completely things that are common in our American culture and then comment that you don’t care. If you don’t care, don’t comment. I happen to believe that it’s my duty to understand what’s going on if I want to prognosticate about politics and political realities.

    And you don’t have to watch. You can read about it and watch the highlights – or lowlights. I had it on in the background and had to change the channel at several points. The tribute to Harry Bellafonte…Oprah and the Selma worship and a few other times. Guess I’m a raaaacissst. And if you read the article linked you will see how NPH- the host was a real jerk to the lovely black actress Octavia who won last year for “The Help” Any good interactive artist knows you don’t single out or pick on minorities. It makes everyone uncomfortable regardless of your innocent motives. It was a breathtakingly stupid bit, on many levels. Read the article for a devastating tweet from another black female.

    I don’t know what the black folk are complaining about. I thought I was watching BET there for a while but there were too many white people for BET so I was confused. Nothing wrong with overcompensation for not giving Selma the trophy, but over-overcompensation? Well, it is black history month, but still.

    It  was boring. It was lame, it was full of lectures and indulgent grandstanding. The Oscars were getting better -especially better about avoiding all the politics.They took a huge backslide this time and their ratings will be down big-time next year. They need a better host and they need better writers.

    On a positive note, most of the gowns were OK. I used to be in the fashion business and I don’t know what it is, but I was starting to believe that there was just a phenomenon that actresses had horrific taste in fashion. There’s no question that they, along with their male counterparts,  have bad taste in political ideas. That hasn’t changed.

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  10. Concretevol Thatcher

    Ok that’s fair….if we didn’t watch them we can’t have much of an opinion about them.  I really did read the top 10 list you posted however and there were LOTS of tweets about it last night.  Apparently NPH made a joke about Snowden being a traitor that offended many and I found much more courageous than the other social justice crap that various people worked into their speaches.

    I don’t understand how watching them makes you more capable of prognosticating about political realities….how does being lectured by the most shallow, vain and basically ignorant class in America help with that?

    I just don’t care for awards shows of any type because their self congratulatory nature…..”aren’t we such good people because of x”.  How many years in a row has best picture been awarded to a film about an actor?  They fetishize themselves and their industry.

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  11. Ricochet Member

    I don’t understand how watching them makes you more capable of prognosticating about political realities….how does being lectured by the most shallow, vain and basically ignorant class in America help with that?

    Well, since you put it that way, I actually don’t have a good answer. I really don’t know, except that if we do that with too many of these types of cultural touchstones, I feel that it can’t help but have some effect on one’s abilities to ascertain what is going on, and become more uninformed about the best ways to approach our opponents. I suppose twitter is as good a place as any to keep up with the zeitgeist, probably better.

    But in general we can look like stuck-up prudes who can’t enjoy anything. The left makes everything political, and we hate that, but in a way, they are using that to drive us away and cow everyone else.

    If you stay there and mock them, these are great targets, and without delving into politics directly, we can joke with our lefty friends. Hey, did you call your mother today?  I thought that was a very courageous performance by the host, getting down to his undies and all. My 6 year-old thought it was hilarious. etc

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  12. WI Con Member
    WI Con

    I’m a ‘Low Information Viewer’ when it comes to Hollywood but it seems as though the splash, the buzz all the attention keeps getting smaller and smaller each year.

    This year just didn’t seem to generate the same level of outrage on the Right – that’s real progress. Their influence is diminishing.

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  13. Barfly Member

    Well, I had planned to watch the awards, but then I started thinking about the sheer vulnerability of placing all our most valuable actors and moviemakers in one location. I mean, that’s insane. The idea that one suicide terrorist (probably some white guy from Idaho) could so easily blow a gaping hole in the silver-screen wing of our precious American elite gripped me, and I couldn’t deal with the fear.

    Call me a coward – I failed to stand with our shining Academy when it mattered most. I read a half chapter of a Leonard Susskind book instead.

    Since then I’ve avoided cable news and social media, afraid of what might have happened while I turned away. I am ashamed.

    Someone please tell me it turned out all right and we didn’t lose anyone, so I can twit again. Tweet. Whatever.

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